Interview with Thomas Gillen

Why did you wait so long to start writing?
Well, I wrote in junior high, but then didn't pursue it. After college I met a group of great people and we played D&D, but our get-togethers could be weeks to months apart so to refresh our memories I started writing updates which turned into several serialized journals. Why did I take so long to realize I wanted to write professionally is the real question. The answer, and I don't hold anybody responsible it's just the way it worked out is, when I was going into junior high my mother asked me what I wanted to do for a career and I answered be a fine artist. She said, "No, you'll starve! You can be a commercial artist, but not a fine artist." Her answer was so definite I didn't consider any other direction but commercial art.
What influences are in your first book?
From the top I have to say Laurell K. Hamilton, her "Anita Blake" series is amazing! My second influence is when, forty years ago, I read "Shogun" by James Clavell I bought a Japanese-English translation dictionary and loved finding out what the characters were saying. Jump events to 2015 and the growing ill winds of us versus them and the book had to have international words and their translations. The smart mouth of my hero, Zjoe-al, can be traced back to Raymond Chandler, and the details of the physical business to Jacques Futrelle's "The Thinking Machine". In college I took a course, (with a course book of the same name) called, "Anthropology Through Science Fiction", edited by Carol Mason, Martin Harry Greenberg and Patricia Warrick. The stories in the course book were all so well laid out in cause and effect they felt believable. My novel had to be the same. The rhythm and snappy patter of my characters dialogue comes from all the 30s and 40s detective movies I ever watched.

There will be more added to this interview, but for now I'm going to wrap it up by saying this is my first book and I hope you like it.
Published 2017-07-22.
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