Interview with Lance Collins

What motivated you to become a writer?
After 18 months of travel, I ended up on an island in Indonesia called Gilli Air. I realized I had to tell the story. I began to write if you could call it that. It took years to develop with some excellent advice and editing for my writing to evolve. There has been so much to learn, and one of the biggest obstacles I have discovered is all of the conflicting advice about how to write and edit. It’s a vast gray area.
Some of the events in the book are frankly pretty hard to believe. Didn't you exaggerate……….just a little?
What occurred in the Himalayas took me a long time to accept. They were way out of the possibilities in Western thinking. Later, senior monks in Thailand happily validated the incidents. Historically, in Asia, especially during the Buddha era, incidences such as those that occurred with me were commonplace. But using models of quantum physics, seemingly beyond belief events can readily occur beyond linear explanation. All I knew is that I had to get the story out for others, knowing it wasn't about me, but what is possible. We picked highlights for the book, but there were many, many, more stories to be told, including the last five years.
Your horseback injury sounded pretty serious. Why didn’t you get modern medical help? Do you think your brand of healing works for everyone?
That was almost 35 years ago, and I was clueless, but I got a very clear no about going through the modern medical route. I serendipitously fell into what we would label the alternative track. Several years later, I did a consult with an ER doctor, and his diagnosis was that I should have had steel rods put in. It’s not my brand of healing, but a way of curing that has been around for millennia. It depends on how open-minded and willing the person is and requires responsibility and action on the part of the individual. Buddha discussed what the West calls the mind-body connection that emerged in the mid-70s, in detail over 2500 years ago.
Is this part of the reason that you decided to leave the United States and live in Asia in 2007?
Yes. It was a hunch on a redeye from Bangkok to Los Angeles at 35,000 feet. I had a sense that there was much more to know about human nature, and I needed to be in a different environment to understand it on deeper and comprehensive levels. I thought it was Thailand, but when I saw pictures of Ladakh, India, I had a premonition that guided me to the Himalayas and experiences leading to perspectives that I couldn't have imagined before. Life appears one way on the surface, and can be very different underneath it all. In the beginning, I was quite reluctant to write, and it has taken over six years to get the first book out.
Published 2016-04-20.
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Full Circle Vol. 1-A Long Forgotten Path Remembered
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 96,940. Language: American English. Published: April 22, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Body, mind, & spirit, Nonfiction » Inspiration » Spiritual inspiration
In his memoir, Full Circle—A long forgotten Path Remembered, Lance Collins tells the story of the most profound sixteen months of his life journeying through the Himalayas of Ladakh and Nepal. Following the synchronicities, he discovers some unlikely truths he had forgotten, not only in this lifetime but from past lives as well. Life looks one way on the surface, but underneath is very different.