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The short film genre is a catchphrase for every one of us, especially in today's technological age, where the Internet is the most fertile ground, hosting the work of independent filmmakers, Youngest filmmakers. So what is short film, what is short film and how long it is considered to be a short film work.

In terms of the concept of short films, it is a cinematic work that fully converts technical processes such as the production of a pure cinematographic work but the small scale of funding. Less production investment, as well as shorter production time. The average length of a work is shorter than the length of a typical <a href="" title="gomovies" target="_blank"><strong>gomovies<strong></a>, and a short film typically lasts from 5 minutes to less than 45 minutes. Experimental works, or works that initiate a new filmmaking tendency.
Short films have been included in most prestigious gomovies awards systems of the world's growing film industry and are also dependent on each award system for which short films have other length restrictions. Each other when attending film festivals.

In the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards), the length of the work of the short film category when participating in the festival has a specified maximum length Is 40 minutes

And at the Cannes Film Festival (Festival de Cannes) held annually in Cannes - France, the maximum duration specified for the short film category is 40 minutes.

In the regulation of the annual film festival of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) short films must be shorter than 45 minutes.

In fact, the role and contribution of the short film genre to the development of world cinema is very important. There are a lot of short films that leave the message in the public eye. Very persuasive
Published 2017-06-20.
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