Interview with Human Angels

Who are human angels?
Human angels are human beings gifted with an out of the ordinary sensitivity; since childhood they have felt the need to heal the world from suffering. Their joy comes from giving joy to others. They have a natural talent for helping others. They are conscious of the Divine Nature of every human being as an indivisible part of a Oneness of Love. They look at the world through the eyes of the heart, with an enlightened perspective on their entire lives.
How and when did you start to be Human Angels?
Human Angels, we the authors, are souls who have surrendered themselves to the natural flow of life. After a long and painful ascension, we awoke to the Consciousness of the Oneness, becoming aware of our mission here on earth: to bring a message of Love to the whole planet, showing it through our behavior, our thoughts and our writings. We feel we have an important mission to which we are devoting all of our existence here on earth. We have left our "regular" jobs and careers and have started to follow our passion: that of creating this Project of Love. In doing this we feel joy in our hearts and every day is a wonderful surprise. The whole Uni-verse supports us in this project, and one of the most powerful signs that we receive is that an incredible number of wonderful souls have spontaneously translated our first book "We Are Human Angels" into their languages, driven by the wish to share the message of love contained within the book. "We Are Human Angels" has touched the people's hearts because it has awakened the Truth within them: they feel the need to share this message....this book is a starting point for enlightenment.
Why did you write "We Are Human Angels"?
We have written this book driven by the wish to share our healing journey and to call for the planetary awakening of Human Angels here on earth, because we feel we must do this. This book has channeled through us as if it had already been written within our hearts and we just had to unveil it to the world. We are nothing other than tools for this book that has written itself. As an example, the book structure itself (The 7 keys to overcome the ego and The 7 keys to live with the heart in service to the Oneness) seems as if it has been created by chance. We wrote the chapters at different times without thinking of giving them a specific "structure", but when we finished writing we suddenly realized that the book was already divided into two parts, each containing 7 chapters and of course 7 is the sacred number.
Your FB page has over 450.000 followers, readers have translated your book into many languages... over the past few years Human Angels has developed into a real planetary spiritual Network. How does it feel to have started this global phenomena?
We feel a profound joy and we are filled with wonder for what has happened around our page, our books and our project, but we are not surprised. We have always known! It is what we were truly born to do. We are accomplishing our mission and this is happening now. We believe that each and every person we have met in our lives, every situation we have dealt with (even the toughest ones), every joy or suffering we have experienced deeply are part of a perfectly orchestrated "stage direction" that has lead us to this point of Enlightenment. We have transmuted our experiences into Consciousness, becoming messengers of the Oneness. Many human beings are now awakening themselves, simply by reading our book, and this is happening in every corner of the world: our book is just their tool for awakening.
It seems as though in the past 5 or 6 years the world, as we have known it, has changed for the worst. Do you believe that there is a connection between these dark times and the awakening of so many Human Angels?
The world created by the ego, that is the denial of the Oneness, is collapsing. We have reached the limit and we are now at a dead end. The idea of development needs to be redefined. What does development mean? Poisoning the earth, our bodies and our health? Giving up on our dreams for the supposed assurance of a career? Spending less and less time with our loved ones in the name of a power-hungry career? We should be spending and enjoying more time with our children, watching them grow and sharing their feelings and their first experiences. How long will it be before we realize how far we have moved from our loved ones and from our True Selves? Time flows, and we realize how painful our lives have been only when it's too late to go back. We have to remember that human beings were born to sustain each other. The time has come for all of us to believe, again, in the values of Truth, Honesty and Respect. In one word, Integrity. How many of us, as children, were full of wonder and purpose and have now rejected those values accepting a new but negative reality? These souls have forgotten their true nature, becoming part of an unethical system. This happens when we have not achieved the consciousness that we are all One: that, in reality, what we do to others also has an effect on ourselves.
We must begin again with our children. They are the center of the Universe, and the future revolves around them. These days, children are too often left alone: they grow up with a lack of attention which they try, in vain, to fill with something else. Meantime their parents, too busy with their careers are no longer able to understand their children's true needs. They try to fill their emptiness of love with material things in order to try to bring peace to their own sense of guilt for not being present in their children's lives. It's the void filled to the brim with useless toys. But a true act of love comes from the heart, not from the wallet.
Our children already know the value of love, happiness and respect, but they are also constantly distracted by the messages that come from society: consume more, spend more, achieve success at any cost.
We must put the world back into their innocent hands, and our purpose as human angels is that of being a bridge that unites all human beings in the name of a better world, in service to the Oneness.
We feel we belong to a new generation of inspirational souls who are in service to the Good of everyone. That is the truth of the Oneness.
Is there some particular message that you would like to send to your readers?
The message that we want to spread to our readers is this: use this terrible period of crisis to go back to essentials, to solidarity and to the joy of sharing. Many people tend, nowadays and especially when in need, to separate themselves from their problems, giving the responsibility for their sadness and failures to someone else, or to the "system", for example. It's not time for complaining; it's time for all of us to re-unite ourselves with values that have always guided us to our wisest actions: unity, solidarity, respect and courage, that are in reality the pure essence of every human being. The world of the ego has "distracted" us from our True nature, putting us in a position of being competitive, aggressive and blind to others as well as ourselves. Now the time has come for all of us to re-unite in a collective action of souls that strengthens each and every single person. The ego has lead us to a world of hate, anger and separation. Let's get back to a world of Love, Joy and Respect, that is the birthright of every human being. The time has come for the consciousness of Oneness to be fully expressed in our actions, in our lives and in our choices. The positive energy that springs from Unity makes it possible for the accomplishment of the Divine Plan of Love: a planetary community of people who have united to help each other to overcome the illusion of separation. Through the consciousness that we are all One we become messengers of Love in service to the people of our community and to the whole human race. One by one we can change our own world but all together we can create heaven on earth.
Published 2013-11-02.
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Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 7,410. Language: Spanish. Published: April 24, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Inspirational, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Motivation and inspiration
“Cuando vivimos con el ego, somos humanos. Cuando vivimos con conciencia de la Unidad, somos Ángeles Humanos”. "Somos Ángeles Humanos" es la primera guía spiritual para Ángeles Humanos: almas que han elegido nacer ahora y vivir en nuestro planeta para despertarse a sí mismos y despertar a la humanidad; almas que estan aqui para atestiguar el Amor Incondicional y la conciencia de la Unidad.
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(5.00 from 2 reviews)
We Are Human Angels is the book that has inspired the Human Angels' community around the world and has been spontaneously translated into 14 languages by the readers. This book is a powerful guide that leads you in your healing journey from the ego to the Oneness. It will help you, both in a spiritual and a practical fashion, to achieve fulfillment in your relationships and in your entire life.
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(5.00 from 2 reviews)
“Essere Angeli Umani” è il libro italiano che ha ispirato il mondo. La sua versione inglese “We are Human Angels” è diventata il punto di riferimento della comunità planetaria degli Angeli Umani. Questo libro ha saputo toccare così profondamente il cuore dei lettori, da essere, a poco più di un anno dalla sua pubblicazione, tradotto in molte lingue dai lettori stessi.