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Published 2015-04-25.
How do we respond to questions that Readers, Visitors and Subscribers have asked?
You are asked to let us know if any question you may wish to ask if not included, or inadequately answered through e-mail or our Feedback facilities. You will receive an acknowledgement, and if relevant and appropriate, we will include in future updates of FAQs.
Please also see our 'Contact Us' website page to engage.
How do I/we contact iGO eBooks?
You have several options. On our main website 'Contact Us' page you will find various ways to contact us including direct from the page, Skype, amongst other mediums. Alternatively
How do I/we Subscribe to iGO eBooks and what is involved?
You have several options to make enquiries, subscribe, and find out what is involved.

(1) Information with regard to subscribing can be found on our main website page entitled 'Subscription Form'.

Once mutually agreed:

(2) On the relevant pages where ‘subscription applies’ you will see the a hyperlink. Alternatively click of the images or use our QR code to take you direct to the subscription form.

(3) Depending on whether you have ‘PayPal” account(s) you will then be taken through a sequence of guiding instructions to process the transaction. Registration on these sites places you under ‘no obligation’. It is solely a means of completing the transaction in a secure way so that you information is available or seen by anyone else.
Use/Access to the Web Site(s) @ iGO eBooks™:
(1) Copyright & Intellectual Property • iGO eBooks™

(2) Web Site • User Conditions - iGO eBooks™

N.B: Please read our terms carefully. By using both this website and other websites operated by us you agree to this agreement whether or not you have read it. If you do not agree to this, you may not access or otherwise use this Website. From time to time, iGO eBooks™ may modify the agreement. Accordingly, please continue to review this agreement whenever accessing or using the Website. If at any time you do not wish to accept this agreement, you may not use the Website. You may only use this and any other of our website(s) in accordance with the terms outlined.

Please also see both our web pages entitled Copyright & Intellectual Property • iGO eBooks™ at:

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Web Site • User Conditions - iGO eBooks™ at:
Where can I/We find what I/we want or looking for?
Fundraising } eBook Titles :

Fundraising from Companies & Charitable Trusts/Foundation + Through the Internet  Introduction to Fundraising Presentation  Fundraising Presentation  Enabling Your Fundraising Strategy  Fundraising Exiting Strategy  Writing your Application | Fundraising  Fundraising On The Internet Presentation  Fundraising : A Christian Perspective  Commission-Based Fundraising | Pros & Cons - Why Not?  Guidance Notes and Standard Form of Agreement Between a Charity and a Consultant - [Messrs G Owen & Co]

Voluntary Sector | Governance } eBook Titles :

Volunteers Handbook  Equal Opportunities Policy In Employment & Service Delivery  Mission Statement – Example  ABC for Committees | Practice & Procedures | Officers | Elections  Confidentiality Policy | Example  Specimens Constitution for an Unincorporated Organisation having a Membership – (Seeking Charitable Status)  Memorandum & Articles of Association - Limited Company (Under Guarantee) – Model

Voluntary Sector | Organisational Material } eBook Titles :

CashBook - Excel Design Monthly Reconciliation Records  Code of Ethical OnLine Philanthropic Practices  Quality | Kite-Bench Mark for Voluntary Organisations'/Groups' + Links  iGO eBooks™ - Website(s) Policies, Procedures, & Practices  Handbook + Information + Contacts - Resource Data for Night Shelter Volunteers & Workers  Charities and Political Policy/Campaigning  Social Audit @ Messrs G Owen & Co  Social Enterprise Strategy Business Plan  iGO eBooks™ – Website.

This is not exhaustive and is being updated periodically. Please go to the web page below to see our main website menus.
Where can I/we post a message relevant to voluntary sector and fundraising issues?
You can use our Message Forum to post relevant information for readers, or for discussion via the following web Blogs page:-
Advertising – what is this? What is it you want? What is in it for me/us? How can we Advertise with you?
We need your help to keep the web site(s) @ iGO eBooks™ moving forward for the benefit of readers!

It takes a lot of time, commitment & money to continue to update this site alone with over 31 web pages needed material FREE for the asking! You can help in three simple and easy ways.

First, become an monthly/annual Advertiser of this site with a contribution of only £25.00/£100.00 respectively.

Secondly, in addition, or alternative, you can sponsor a web page, (dedicated to your concern, with your logo depicted at the top left hand box, promoting your services or products – linked to a host of search engines and therefore locatable not just by people who specifically visit this site, but by users of the Internet as a whole.

Thirdly, please spread the word about this (and our other web sites), to every Organisation/Group staff person you have ever talked to as well as to other Voluntary Sector/non-for-profit bodies that need help!

In recognition of your direct kind support and to reciprocate the same, acknowledgement of this will be accorded in our extensive publicity material & in Press Releases, plus Web site(s), which would provide a excellent high profile & good customer relations for yourselves alone.

Just the help with the provision of the some or all of the sponsorship would make a significant difference and valued contribution long remembered - making this small contribution a longer term investment rather than an expense.

We hope that you will feel able to help with this invaluable work, (targeted at new, small, and emerging voluntary/charitable organisations/groups), if only as a goodwill/customer relations exercise. Our sincere gratitude in anticipation.

Want to know the latest News Headlines via our web site?
Simply click on the following web page. At the lower section you will see the Headlines News Box. Click on this for the latest updates on News headings:-
Does iGO eBooks™ have a Strategy Plan?
Yes! We have a 3-Year Strategy Plan, (which is used as a 'working' plan), perdiocally reviwed to ensure that we are meeting needs, rather than simply interpreting.

Please view on our eBook at:
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Books by This Author

Introduction to Fundraising Presentation
Price: $7.76 USD. Words: 1,060. Language: British English. Published: January 4, 2015 . Categories: Nonfiction » Social Science » Philanthropy & Charity
Introductory Training Presentation in Fundraising for Voluntary Sector New, Small, and Emerging Organisations/Groups.
Amazon Kindle Free Days
Price: $7.80 USD. Words: 3,120. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: December 9, 2014 . Categories: Nonfiction » Publishing » Self-publishing, Nonfiction » Reference » Handbooks & Manuals
A few years back when there was a huge demand for Kindle books with little competition and no restrictions put on sites by Amazon; if you had the right kind of book it was possible to put it up on a ‘free day’ with no promotion and get thousands of downloads.
Fundraising Exiting Strategy
Price: $9.12 USD. Words: 2,610. Language: British English. Published: April 5, 2013 . Categories: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Non-profit business, Nonfiction » Social Science » Philanthropy & Charity
This Book, (also available in iBook & eBook formats), originally formed part of fundraising training aimed at new, small, and emerging groups who, having achieved funding for a project moved straight to delivering it but towards the end of the funding life cycle omitted to give sufficient advance consideration to renewable funding to sustain the work of the organisation.