Interview with Joseph Torie

For you, what's life?
Life for me is a great school, for everyone involved. We are here to learn to love and to learn to live in peace with God and with as many others as possible, whether we ever learn it or not. I feel that is impossible to find 'true peace' and live in peace with others without making our peace with God first. Once we do that, we can find the peace that endures the greatest storms of life, even almost enjoying them.
What about spirituality, religion, and Jesus?
Those three are different things.
I have believed in Jesus since I was young -with a few years lapse during my teenage years-. I don't belong to any particular group or organization. I am an 'indie' follower of Jesus, His words and His Love! I hope you don't mind. He doesn't! I have found that it doesn't matter too much to what group a person belongs to, or to which human shade of color, or special characteristics, but it is their love for others, for life and for God (for those who have found Him already) that in the end makes the greatest difference and count the most. It seems clear to me that the heart is the fountain of love, life and wisdom, rather than those other social circumstances.
When Jesus said to love our enemies -and not only our friends and our neighbors- He broke the molds of race, social groups, religions and every other division. What a challenge to do that! The ante is upped by the fact that most of our apparent enemies still look at us as ‘their real’ enemies, no matter what we might do or say. I think that's one of the explanations of why we need God's love so much and of why His love is so BIG! Think of it, His love is big enough to even love His enemies and our enemies!
I have met and got to know people with great love for others in many places of the world. They had different faiths or system of beliefs, but they shared -without knowing it- that passion for living in peace and for enjoying the life we are given while helping and respecting others. Some would go to extremes in the pursuit of respecting small and big creatures that crossed their paths.
I feel that following Jesus' calling and following Him is the single most important decision I have made in life, for which I left behind everything I had or that I could have had in this world.
I received back so much more.
You love Jesus. Why?
At fourteen when I was into reading books about Marx and Freud and other guys right out of my father's bookshelves, my dad who was quite an avid reader too, gave me his well-worn leather bound Bible. I thought the old man have gone crazy. He just said that I should also read it if I wanted to get the full picture of what life is about. I didn’t read pass a few chapters in Genesis. (I should have started with the life of Jesus instead).
At 22, when tired of living the type of life I was living and when I couldn’t find any reason to keep going I finally talked to Jesus in a deserted beach in South America. Since then, my life was never the same. I mean that's when life begun!
I left everything behind, along with the plans and broken dreams of my youth and started a new fascinating walk through life. The road never took me back to what I have been or to where I have been.
Why do you write?
I have wanted to write all my life and from my youth I learned to write with journalists and poets and a lot from just plain reading. Although I could write quite well at an early age, I struggled finding what to say, especially something that it hadn't been written already much better than I could have done it.
It seems the time and conviction to write came slowly and later in life.
Perhaps another reason was that when I was young it was hard to sit the long hours through the day -and nights- writing and rewriting and rewriting ideas until they expressed almost what I felt and wanted to say. Out there life was too enticing and there were so many people to meet who didn't know about Jesus' Love, and so many projects to get involved in and places 'in all the world' to go.
Favorite authors?
Most of them don't publish in Smashwords, unfortunately. They left the scene before Mark showed up.
One of my favorite's authors is the author of the poem IF: Rudyard Kipling. That poem is outstanding! That was by far my dad's favorite poem also.

"If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue
and walk with kings, not lose the common touch,
if neither friends nor foes can hurt you
if all men count with you, but none too much.
If you can dream and not make dreams your master
if you can think and not make thoughts your aim
if you can meet with triumph and disaster
and treat these two impostors just the same"

Wow! It seems Rudyard was describing Jesus there.

Tolstoy lived an impressive life, which gives credit to his writings.
There are many other writers that have impressed me also. No way to mention all of them here.
Anybody in particular you want to mention? A friend or foe?
One of my great friends was from Morocco, a great chef, a devout peace loving Muslim who in his youth had crossed the seven seas and loved the seven Houris of earth. We spent many evenings tasting his Halal cooking and discussing the Almighty’s ways and our faith, that while were different in some ways, were very similar in essence of the heart.
My friend was a true prince of the Magreb, generous, passionate, honest, often disappointed with society and sometimes a little biased, but who isn't?
What was one of the great influences in your life?
Traveling had influenced me deeply. As the Chinese say, ten thousand miles of traveling are a better education than reading ten thousand books. Sometimes seeing the same things we are used to see, but from different angles, is a great school; like seeing how parents show the same love, care and fears in different ways in different cultures.
Those years I spend in India taught me a lot about human dignity and human nature. I love those Indians, their colorful diversity and their conviction for what they believe, no matter whatever that is. Almost every Indian is a guru in their own right. We don't have to read Tagore to be mesmerized by Indian philosophers.

People of course have a big influence in our lives, parents, kids, friends, teachers and strangers. In the end, even the few foes we have in this life, all share some piece of the blame or the credit for what we become.
Tell us a little about your latest book?
My latest ebook was a section of a previous book that it had to be edited out for lack of space and because I felt the subject wasn’t completely developed yet. It wasn't.
I spent the following years working on it and in the end it became, “Brainy Universe... and You?” (Check out the very latest one, “Galaxies For Intelligently Designed Minds (Not For Standard Model Dummies)”. I love my other books also and I think they shed some light in some particular subjects, but I think this last book about cosmology and the universe is 'truly out of this world'. Ha! Of course every book I have written I was convinced it was a Master-piece. You wouldn't agree probably with me, but that's because you don't know me much! For me each of those books was like something I couldn't have written. They were much better than what I could have done. The (good) ideas were not mine, only the poor writing style was! I am still convinced that without The Master, Jesus, they wouldn't have been written! So, they are real Master pieces, see what I mean?
In the case of those three books about our intelligent universe, it had been a supernatural experience to see the books evolve and grow and the most exciting part have been learning so much about Jesus' universe. The guy is awesome and his universe is awesome too, I think that if you check out those books, you will agree.
In your latest ebook you seem to attack the scientific community gratuitously. Why do you do that?
Well… the book is not meant to be offensive but that’s the style it is written on, a series of debates. I mean I am sure you have seen politicians on the campaign trail, especially in countries like the US and the UK. Those politicians insult each other openly, yet they don’t consider it libelous or too offensive but more like a necessary thing to keep their votes flowing and the show on the road. And many times the public wants to see some ‘bloody noses’ on those campaigns.
So it is part of the style, I don’t think I have overdone it, I haven’t attacked people on their sexual partners or habits, but once in awhile I have said that people that believe the official ‘Standard’ Model lines seem moronic and unable to think. It is not meant to be an offense but rather a description of their condition. I usually offer clear reasons why I think so, based on their contradictory and almost absurd statements or beliefs. I think that if many people reads those arguments with an open mind they would agree with the views that the so-called scientific feed is sometimes moronic, dumb, and almost pathetic.
I didn’t invent those moronic lines –they did-, I just question them.
I still think you should change your style and approach. Why offend people?
Frankly, I think that the onus to change is on them. They should revise their narrative and make it more intelligently looking, before they claim that it is the only ‘valid and accepted theory of the evolution of their universe’ and if they don’t want to be criticized for what they profess. They should be able to produce something a little better. Otherwise, they shouldn’t complain if their contradictory and non-intelligent stories make them look dumb and people say so!
In any case, as I mentioned, a good debate often includes some personal attacks and some people often try to push the limits, perhaps as a way to attract a crowd and to create some controversy. So, I am not doing anything unusual, except that the criticism is directed to the much revered and touted circle of official science, and people usually don’t dare doing that, at least no people that have any hope of being admitted in it or respected by it.
And don’t you want to be accepted in it yourself?
Well, I don't think so, not in its present condition!
Where are you exactly from and what’s your background?
Often I meet people while travelling, which I have done most of my life, and they can't tell where I am from. However, they all seem to be sure I am NOT from 'their' place. Ha! I feel that way also, like if I am traveling through an alien world where the rules are different from what I search for and dream for and long for.
In any case, we are all just passing through this world, in spite of our perceptions. None of us is from here. Tell me of just one person you know that is from here and didn't have to leave eventually!
So, what are the plans for your life? Do you have plans?
I think that writing is one of the best things I could do with my time left here, however short or long it may be. As Ben Franklin wrote, in this life either do something worth writing about or write something worth reading, or you will be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten. I agree with the gringo on that point, although I don't write just to be remembered.
Of course, my plans and what later transpires in life don't always match completely. That's why I think that what Jesus taught about not fretting about tomorrow is so great. I try to prepare for tomorrow... sometimes, but usually I am so busy living my present that the future just have to come by itself and take care of itself.
'Look at the birds in the sky, they don't plant, they don't store grain in barns, but your Father feeds them', He said. It is true and although you may think that I am an strange bird for believing so, I have found that it mostly works that way. I love the freedom that God's love offers us!
How do you describe yourself?
In my old age, I became mostly a solitary person, a sort of lone mountain fox. I love the mountains, the forests, to be alone with the Lord, which is never being alone or lonely! To be alone with Jesus is one of the most awesome experiences in life.
Nevertheless, everyday I spend some time with other people, as I think that being a complete hermit wouldn’t teach me much, it wouldn't help others much and it wouldn't be healthy, at least for me.
Hope you don't mind I keep talking about Jesus. I am not preaching at you (and you don't have to read this if it bothers you), but I am trying to answer these questions as truthfully as I can. In addition, when I talk about how great and good He is, please understand that I am not describing myself or trying to pretend to have or add any of His virtues to my human life. I am talking about Jesus, not about myself!
What kind of life do you live?
I live a very simple life while I move often and travel across valleys and mountains, usually because it becomes necessary. I spend a lot of my time alone, writing or thinking about what I write and doing simple things as preparing breakfast or reading the news while I eat the breakfast I just prepared. I dress simply, I eat simply and not too much. I read a lot. I don't have too many things. I don't want too many things and anyway I couldn't afford them if I did. But I have most of the things I need and want. : )
What about love? Have you been loved in this life?
I don't think we could ever get enough love, as we keep guzzling it down as the air.
From the time I was born, I have loved and have been loved almost to extremes, for which I am very thankful!
However, I don't like to live in the past and its long gone glories. I live the present! Love like the air, I need to keep breathing it deep -now- to keep alive.
I love children, talking with them and showing them that they are the heirs of the future, that it is theirs and that they could make theirs a better future. I think that among children are some of the wisest, simplest, happiest and most forgiving people this planet knows and has. I love those rascals! No wonder Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them. When we get there, we will be their guests!

PS If you have read this interview, thank you for taking your time. You have given me a part of your life, because really in this world our time is our life. Please use it wisely and lovingly. In the next life 'there is time no more'. Only Love and Life and laughter!
Published 2017-02-06.
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