Interview with Janie Lee Barlow

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My children. They are my life and when I am having an extremely hard day I look at their little faces and it fuels me to go on.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I love the outdoors. To go on a nature hike in the wilderness and sit and listen to God's serenade of bugs, water, leaves, wind, animals all playing their unique part in the ancient orchestra.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Typically via Facebook groups or on Amazon short reads.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story I ever wrote was in 3nd grade. I had a book report on Native Americans and it intrigued me and i wrote a 10 page short story over a Native American girl finding a dinosaur. "Sunflower and the T-Rex."
What is your writing process?
I really enjoy writing self help so sometimes I will take a poll via my Facebook account or Twitter and get input on what kind of literature people would like to read. And then I begin my research and put it all together.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
It's hard to remember the first but "Where the Red Fern Grows" has always been dear to my heart since an early age.
How do you approach cover design?
I have noticed personally, I judge a book by its cover. Whether on Amazon or on Netflix if the thumbnail doesn't excite me I look for something that does. I try to pick a cover that gets the thoughts or emotions stirring.
What do you read for pleasure?
I love thriller books that I literally cannot put down and fall asleep with the book still clasped in my hand.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I prefer my ipad or kindle.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Exposure. Hustle and get your book in front of as many set of eyes as possible.
Describe your desk
During a writing session, cluttered, but the day of publication it is spotless and immaculate... not sure why I do that
Published 2017-08-30.
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