Interview with Jay Sing

How did you come to choose the title of the book?
As the title suggests, there is creation of wealth through homeownership. It is assumed that you have a steady income stream, and you have the capacity to take the bank loan to purchase your home. The sub-title refers to setting aside one third of your income for homeownership for middle one-third of your lifespan, which is expected to be around 90.
So, what is this book about?
This book is about building wealth through homeownership by taking out a bank loan with a little down payment. Volume 2 of this book [available on] is an Excel Spreadsheet. You have worksheets in the spreadsheet to create your scenarios by typing in the input numbers and seeing the effect of the output numbers and their graphical representations. You qualify for yourself the maximum price of a home based on one-third of your income set aside for bank installment payments over 15 years. The scenarios you create in the Excel Spreadsheet will give you financial roadmap for the future.
Your paid-off home after 15 years is the backstay of your wealth. The wealth buildup begins by continuing to set aside one third on your income for two residential investment properties.
The book guides you generate rental income during the retirement phase of your life, and leave a rich legacy.
What were your motivations to write this book?
My motivation to write this book came from doing short sale and loan modification work on distressed residential properties for a number of people during 2007 - 2011. The common factor for these distressed people and properties has been a lack of understanding on borrowed money from the banks.
This books dispels haziness of understanding of many a people about borrowed money. I evolved the proposition that it is possible for ordinary income earning person to think of growing wealthy over about 30 to 40 years of active income earning phase of life.
Some motivation came to me from my personal experiences of follies and risks I took in last about 40 years. In retrospect, I never imagined for myself that my energies would drop in future years. Challenge to earn by hard work has been the motivation. That challenge to do better is still intact 40 years later as I am in my early seventies.
This book is the result of my inspiration to help the young people to learn that homeownership is the key to the future good living and enjoyable retirement days.
What will I learn from this book?
This book will take you forward in time deep into the future to show you how you can generate regular passive income for yourself during retirement or inactive income earning stage of your lifespan. You will learn how to play with numbers in Excel Spreadsheet [Volume 2 the book] and how to create wealth out of bank indebtedness for homeownership. You will learn to believe that is possible and feasible for you to generate income for your retirement phase of life that will go past your lifespan.
Why do you want me to think of retirement when I have just started out on my job and making little to get by?
You designed for yourself to make good living having gone through school and college and started out on job or own business. it is equally important for you to see what the future would be like for yourself. There is inevitable retirement phase of life. There is plenty of literature and research on retirement phase of life for typical income earners. For most people, the decision to step into a retirement phase of life is related to the buying power of leisure. The more is this buying power; the earlier and longer is the retirement phase of life.
Whichever way one looks through the crystal ball, either an intimidated worried face shows up or a laughing and smiling wise-person shows up holding out promise of a good life. With median ages having gone up, there is longer retirement phase of life, which may last about 30 years for reasonably healthy persons. Its inevitability stares in the face.

For an old person to reflect on the past, say 60 years, seems short span of time. For a young person to imagine 60 years ahead in time is far too distant. In the setting of this book, I take you forward 60 years in time, take to back a 100 years in time, and bring you back to present. If you believe that this all is not relevant to you, visit the Social Security office in your town and watch people lined up for help. You will observe and envision into the future and see what old age does. This book will motivate you to redesign your lifespan for happier old age days

This book will guide you through with numbers to see the crystal ball of the future more clearly.
But there is social security, pension plans, 401(k), IRAs out there to take care of the retirement phase of life. I believe it will be taken care of, I guess!
There are a number of pension plans in the corporate world as incentives for employees. There are tax- deferred plans to encourage savings. It is perfect way to have mandatory cash savings tucked away somewhere that can be put to use. However, the expected expenses to maintain standard of living in retirement phase of life should measure the worth of such saving plans. Erosion of the value of savings will happen by reduction of buying power due to inflation. This book shows how to beat the effect of inflation and generate steady incremental income during the retirement phase of life.

This book will inspire you to design for a retirement phase of your life during your income-earning years.
I have trouble understanding when you say I could become wealthy out of my job earning. Are you suggesting that I pull pigeons out of my empty hat?
This book will clear the haziness between riches and wealth. I am asking you borrow bank money, buy home for yourself, and pay it off sooner and build up your wealth with your home as the backstay. When you work on your real scenarios in the Spreadsheet, the numbers you generate for yourself will convince you of your capabilities.
I believe that to go through one lifetime, you owe to yourself and your family you raise to design your lifetime to grow wealthier. The progressive generation of wealth you create must be such that it goes down to your second generation during your lifetime. When you set higher take-off point in life for your next generation, the model will enlarge itself. This book shows you how you can work on this model of growth of wealth and family happiness.
Will I have to make drastic changes in my lifestyle to follow this new model of homeownership?
It does need a perspective shift of mindset. You qualify yourself for the upper ceiling of the loan you should take from the bank so that you plan to pay it off in about 15 years. If you can do this, you have set this model to work for you. It may need new discipline in lifestyle. This book shows you how you can reward yourself with a steady income in golden years of your life, and raise the wealth of your family.
Published 2014-12-02.
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