Interview with Frank Prewitt

Published 2016-05-03.
INTERVIEW WITH V RAE: V, how do you choose the amazing colors and crazy style for your expressions?
Well, the short answer is I paint what I see. Why I see what I see is a more complicated question, but I don't spend much time on that side of my brain. In a sense, my mind operates like a thermal imaging camera. I see the spirit of living things reflected in color and find watercolor the most accurate medium to capture my Freestyle Expressions. But hang on, the application is somewhat unconventional.
What do you mean by unconventional?
I generally paint on canvas with hand-sculpt paper overlay or Yupo (a synthetic fine art paper). The hand sculpted paper surface on canvas provides a textured base that adds dimension and body to the watercolor application, enhancing the three dimension illusion of two dimensional paintings. Another illusory emphasis in my work is the use of negative (white) space. I love negative space. The notion that nothing becomes something only the brain can untangle tickles my conundrum bone.
What is Yupo?
My more abstract work is direct application of water based pigment on Yupo, a slippery surface that wrestles for control and teases the senses. To paint on Yupo, the surface must be perfectly level in order to control the free flowing movement of watercolor over the synthetic base. The result is a deep, rich, more translucent color than conventional applications. But there's a downside: If I forget and lift the painting prematurely I end up paper-in-hand, portrait-on-floor. Painting on Yupo reminds me of that old Simon and Garfunkel tune Slip Slid'n Away.
Your paintings reflect a hint of obsession. Care to comment?
The truth of the matter is I'm a color junkie. I started mixing at an early age. No amount of intervention curbed the appetite. At first, I was okay just painting with the primary colors red, yellow and blue. But when I learned I could mix and trip on all the hues in a rainbow, I was hooked. Technically, color emerges when light strikes an object and reflects back to the eye. The challenge is to scale above life's distortions until you can see the full spectra of love reflected in every expression of nature.
Writers sometimes experience writer block, do you ever get painter block?
Oh yes. I’m uncertain whether my occasional painters block is the result of ADHD (Art Deficit Hypercritic Disorder) or late onset Dumbentia, but it is frustrating. My mind goes, "V let’s paint!" My body replies, "Great! I been waitin’ to roll my color wheel over that expression." But my spirit says, "Nah, just don’t feel like it, rather watch an old Western". That’s when I start to organize. By organize I mean stuffing things where I won’t remember I put them when my spirit yells, "Yeee Haww, let’s paint!" That kick in the brush usually occurs when a Raven squawks hello, a moose drops by to show me her twins, or I remember just how loved I am.
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