Interview with Isodanelli

What themes did you most want to explore in this book?
Isodanelli: I really wanted to get into the minds of the visitors to planet Earth. What would they tell us? How do they perceive us? What would we, as human beings, learn from our encounter with non-Earthly beings? What would we learn about ourselves from our connection to them? In the process, I want readers to see themselves in the seemingly ordinary residents of Great Mound City. And also see their friends and neighbors.
Why did you choose the fantasy/sci-fi genre?
Isodanelli: The fantasy/sci-fi genre chose me! I was sucked into this marvelous world a long time ago, when a good friend called and asked if I wanted to see a UFO! Of course, I did! One night, my friend led me outside and handed me a pair of binoculars. And what I saw astounded me. Twirling in the sky, I saw an armada of UFO’s! They remained there for many months. I later learned many, many people also had witnessed what I had seen. This was an incredible experience that still affects me to this day.
What experiences or knowledge did you draw on for developing the characters in "Visitors"?
Isodanelli: Most people are totally normal, until you scratch the surface! Then you see that we are all a little weird. Are families are dysfunctional. The same thing goes for the residents of Great Mound City. They’re so much like the everyday people we encounter at school, at work and at the mall, or wherever we hang out. The people whom I’ve met over the years have inspired me, for sure. And that’s why readers of all ages can connect with this story. It’s about relationships—young and old.
Do you have a favorite character or one who you feel closest to?
Isodanelli: I have an inquisitive mind, like Jia. I also have a boldness, like Stormye. I’m a kid at heart, like Granny. I don’t fit inside the box—and never will—like the Visitors.
Is there a meaning or story behind the name Isodanelli?
Isodanelli: Isodanelli is a name given to me by my mentor and spiritual leader.
Do you believe there are aliens among us?
Isodanelli: I know, without the shadow of a doubt, that there are aliens among us! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people who have had first-hand experiences with extraterrestrials, right here in Southern Illinois.
Have you ever had an encounter?
Isodanelli: I have encountered strange and unusual phenomena, through people, places and things. I learned, as a teen, that there is certainly more to this world, than meets the eye. That is why I can relate so much with the YA [young adult] audience. It was during my teenage years that I began to discover a new side to this Earthly life, filled with mind-boggling, fascinating beings and things—so much that I knew I would have to, one day, put them into a book.
Where/when do you do most of your writing?
Isodanelli: Early in the morning, before the sun is bright, when my mind is clear and noise is at a minimum! Comfort is my top priority. Besides that, I could write anywhere!
Published 2016-11-03.
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