Interview with Christian Davidson

Who is your audience?
Coming from America, my audience is the people I know, progressive thinking Americans. I know a very international community, so Europeans and Aussies are also in my target audience.
What is your writing background?
I have studied creative writing in college and most recently online through MOOCS. I have been writing since I was a child. I have always been drawn to write short stories and poems, as well as journaling. I never thought of myself as a writer, until my peers showed interest in how I use the craft of stringing words together. I have written two novels so far and am relaxing into my third.
Where have you traveled and what places have inspired you?
Definitely Thailand has been a huge inspiration to me. It initially was so different from any frame of reference I had, that I was constantly enthralled by its surreal-ness. Angkor Wat, Cambodia had a profound impact on me. Malaysia and Bali Indonesia have also been fascinating to me. I have traveled North America extensively, especially the diverse regions of America. I love Mexican food the best. The British Virgin Islands was my best vacation ever, and I soon hope to be hanging my hat in rural Laos where I am building a house.
What inspires you to write?
The things that inspire me to write are people, beauty, beautiful people, nature, color, sound, adventures, the ocean, tree, beautiful views, tastes, music, emotions and strange events. The concept or feeling that inspires me to write is the idea is the idea that I have interesting things to say and that people want to hear them. Another thing that has inspired me to write is profound psychedelic experiences.
Who inspires you to write?
The people that inspire me to write are all of my ex-partners, my friends, my students, co-workers and the many interesting people I meet around the world. My mother gives me my artistic ability and I inherited my writing ability from my father.
What authors do you admire?
I thoroughly enjoy Robert Heinlein and his collection of sci-fi stories that all tie together somehow. I love the way he reuses characters in his stories through time travel. I intend to reuse my characters in successive novels through reincarnation.
What does your Author’s name represent?
Simply, my middle name is Christian, and my father’s name is David, hence making me Christian Davidson. I think it rolls off the tongue easily too!
What genre is your writing style?
I have to suggest Science Fiction number as my main classification, but I feel my writing style is very broad and spans several genres. I also feel my style is Inspirational, Spiritual, Cultural, Metaphysical, Musical, Horror, Religious Folklore and my latest novel, Emerging is Women’s empowerment in nature.
What do you hope people will get from your books?
Enjoyment number one, and provocative questioning number two. I want my readers to become engaged and connected to my characters. I hope they will receive strong visual images from my descriptiveness, and I hope that new insights will emerge as well.
Where do you see yourself in the future?
My goal is to be successful enough a writer to fund my travels and write novels from all of the wonderful places I will travel. I would love to spend more time in Bali and write a story from there. I see myself in Southeast Asia as my home base, with Europe still on reservation for vacations.
Published 2014-09-22.
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