Interview with John Valjean

Why incest?
I’ve always been turned on by the idea of it. And, to be totally honest, I could be gay or straight. The idea of a father and son, a mother and son, a brother and sister, and so on and so on, just gets my motors running. It’s so taboo and so filthy. I love it and I love coming up with new scenarios.

Over on my Tumblr, I receive regular messages from my followers asking whether I’ve ever been with a family member or if any of the things I write about are real. The answer is always the same: nope. I’ve never looked at my dad or my brothers and thought, “Damn, why are we wearing these clothes?”

Anyway, incest is hot because it’s so forbidden. And the stories I write about involve family members who may pull back at first, but once they commit to the act… well, stand back because things usually get raunchy pretty fast!
What do you like to read?
If there’s a book in my hand, it’s probably going to be a comic book. I have a small library of hardcover omnibuses and collected series. I think I’ll probably die before I ever finish them (although my husband has made a hell of a dent in them). We’re constantly buying new books and constantly running out of room for them.

I listen to a fair number of audiobooks through Audible. I usually put them them on my way to and from work, or while running errands, or if I’m cooking an involved meal. Personally, I love listening to non-fiction stories. I find them easy to process while driving. If you only listen to one audiobook this year, I’m going to recommend Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. If you’re not a mess by the end, I’ll have to question whether or not you have a soul.

I don’t usually use LOL. First off, I thought it meant “lots of love” for the longest time. However, sometimes I reserve the right to text “OMG I totally LOL’d.” I also don’t use ROTFLMAO because that seems like a really over the top response to something funny.

Remember “IM Me”? I swear I thought that was a positive affirmation. People would always write it in chat rooms and it threw me off. I work with a woman who always sends instant messages that she will “follow up later” but she writes “I’ll f/u later.” She has to know what she’s writing, right?
Does your husband know you write dirty stories?
He does. He encourages it too. It’s a great outlet for me. I have a pretty stressful job, so sitting in front of a computer and writing sordid stories or filthy captions to gifs on my Tumblr is an incredible stress reliever.

He’s the only person who knows though. I guess if I sold a million books I’d be totally open with my friends and family and say, with glass of champagne in hand, “Yeah, I write taboo smut stories! What of it?” Then I’d storm off with my pack of corgis.
Who are your celebrity crushes?
Well, I have really obscure tastes. I tend to gravitate to little-known American actors like Chris Pratt, Zac Efron, and Channing Tatum. Google them when you have a chance. Of course, I kid. They’re everyone’s taste.

Thank the Gods that people more talented with Photoshop than me have made a hobby out of creating celebrity fakes (where an actors head is superimposed onto a porn model’s body). Some are horrific, but some are seriously outstanding. And Mr. Pratt and Mr. Efron are two of the most popular victims of celebrity fakes. Oh, and the entire cast of Teen Wolf.
What kind of stories do you have planned for the future?
I have pages and pages and pages of hot (and somewhat depraved) story ideas and a handful of book ideas that are pretty well developed. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager, but I want to ease into longer form books. The next few titles from me will be similar to what I’ve presently got featured on Smashwords. So expect more hot stories aimed at titillating you and getting your own motors running!
Published 2017-04-25.
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