Interview with Jonathan Martin Dixit

What is your novel BabyWorld about?
At its heart, BabyWorld explores the psychological dysfunction occurring in families suffering from suppressed trauma. Ideologically, it’s a sci-fi fairy tale satirizing the adulteration of children by modern society—the economic role they are now forced to play. Personally, I’m looking for readers to tell me what it’s about.
What motivated you to write this particular story?
While working on a treatment for a screenplay about the 70’s Canadian snooker player Cliff Thorburn, I grew tired of representing other peoples’ work. My wife suggested that I write something I could call my own. She was in her internship at the Hinks-Delcrest Centre, doing psychodynamic therapy with children. So, inspired by her work, on the day after St. Patrick’s Day 2007, I hammered out the first four pages, using an old manual typewriter that an at-the-time old Scotsman, Willie Miller, now deceased, years before traded me for a $100 bar tab. BabyWorld was outlined in 24 hours, though it took a wee bit longer to write.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story I had published was an excerpt from my short story collection The Stone Bench Theory. It was published in Victoria College's Acta Victoriana in 1988.
Describe your desk
At home, I like to write at a fully set dining room table. The cheapest and best office space I have enjoyed is the members lounge at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
After a 21-year sabbatical, I am currently completing a specialist degree in Philosophy at the University of Toronto.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Twitter (, Facebook (, Goodreads, Website (, TO bookstores (The University of Toronto Bookstore, The Silver Snail, Bakka-Phoenix, She Said Boom), joining book clubs (e.g., Rave Review Book Club), street/bar/coffee shop posters, billboards, book launch party, UofT book reading, newspaper articles (, reviews, bloggers, word of mouth: all these and more.
Published 2014-11-09.
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