Interview with Barbara Techel

When did you first start writing?
I've always enjoyed writing since middle school. Though I didn't really take it seriously until I was in my early 40s. It was during a time I was seeking more purpose and meaning in my life that I made the choice to share my writing with others.
What inspired you to write " Wisdom Found in the Pause?"
I really had no idea I was going to write another book after my first memoir, Through Frankie’s Eyes. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I’d ever write anything again after my dear Joie passed away in late summer 2013. All I knew was that I was feeling empty, sad, and without a sense of direction, and for a while all I wanted to do was wallow in it. This felt incredibly odd after having been riding high on a purpose that had been so integral to my life for many years.

What transpired during a sabbatical I hesitantly took was a deeper wisdom that I gained about what purpose really is. I think many spend a great amount of time throughout their lives wondering what their calling or purpose is (and I did too!), but the truth of it was revealed to me during a time of transition – that we are here to be happy – that this is the purpose – and that it’s really not attached to some achievement or material possession.

Animals have served as some pretty amazing teachers for me. But little did I know I’d be profoundly affected like I was after the death of Joie. I learned the value of slowing down and by allowing my inner voice, and what I call heart whispers, to feel safe my thoughts I’d been struggling with were able to rise to the surface. And by doing so, I was granted a deeper level of peace and nuggets of wisdom I don’t know if I’d have found otherwise.

I was inspired to write Wisdom Found in the Pause because one, it was a way in which I could honor the gift Joie gave me, and two, I continue to enjoy encouraging others to search for what it is that matters to them, and to hone in on their own inner voice, so that they too can walk the path that is right for them, and not necessarily what society deems as so.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I like the idea of having control over what is important to me and also I enjoy challenges and have really enjoyed the many facets of the process I get with being an indie author that I wouldn't have with publishing the traditional route.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
It's just so great having a company that knows how to get the word out and produce a professional epub for all readers taking the stress of the author -- and so great to have all these publishing avenues.
What is the greatest thing you learned from Joie, your dachshund in the book?
Because Joie was only five years old when she passed away, and I only had her for ten months, I didn’t understand at the time why I wasn’t allowed to have her longer in my life – I felt very cheated. This sent me into a time of transition, which ultimately lasted three years. It was a time when I wasn’t sure what it was I was supposed to be doing next in my life and questioning if we have more than one purpose.

What I came to realize is that slowing down, sitting in contemplation, listening to the silence, and opening to the whispers in one’s heart that answers will come if we just get out of our own way and allow them to.
While I fought being in transition with everything I had at the beginning of it, I came to realize the many gifts it has to offer. If Joie had not left her physical body when she did, I don’t know as if I’d have understood what transition could teach me– or perhaps it may have just come to me later in life.

Joie’s gift to me helped me to understand that I am worthy no matter what I may do and that I didn’t need to prove myself anymore. I came to understand that I could enjoy life at a more deliberate, slower pace that is in alignment with who I authentically am at this time while still setting intentions that are important to me in living a fulfilled and meaningful life.
What do your fans mean to you?
They mean everything to me! When I'm able to hear that my writing has positively impacted them in some shape or form - well, there is just no better compliment and it inspires me to keep sharing my work.
You had another dachshund with IVDD before Joie. What is the greatest thing you learned from Frankie?
Oh yes, Frankie! She was the dog that started it all for me in the many blessings of living with, and caring for, a special needs pet. I credit her for helping me to begin giving voice to my truth. She helped me to stand tall in being who I am and accept myself. For many years I had struggled with shame around certain issues, and also almost constantly worried about what others thought about my choices for my life.
Frankie taught me to see that when we are faced with challenges, if we look hard enough, there is always a blessing in a challenge. We learn and grow from our challenges if we are willing to be open to the lessons.
What advice do you have for pet parents whose pet is diagnosed with IVDD?
• There is hope.
• Don’t give up.
• Seek out help from others that have gone through this with their own pet. Reach out to a wonderful organization with a wealth of article and information on IVDD,
• There are many blessings that come from having a pet with IVDD, or any special needs for that matter. They are no different than any other animal in that they just want to be loved. And what you give in love to them, you will get back ten-fold!
Why do you think we learn so much from our pets?
I think in part because they live in the moment, if you take the time to just sit and be with your pet, you will automatically be filled with a sense of peace.

I also think because they are so accepting and nonjudgmental we can’t help but want to strive for the same thing just by having them in our lives.

And lastly, I truly believe that our pets act as mirrors to us and our emotions. The key is being open to what they are trying to convey to us, even when it’s hard to look at those parts of ourselves. But to remember that our animal friends truly want what is best for us and are only trying to help and guide us.
What do you want people to take away from reading Wisdom Found in the Pause?
While I love spreading a positive message about IVDD and that there is hope (which I always will!) there are a few other things I hope people will take away.

One, while it is always difficult to say goodbye to our animal friends, I hope that just like we are doing more and more in our human world, we can find beauty in death, too. To know that just because an animal leaves their physical body does not mean you can’t connect with them at any time you want. It’s just in a new way in which you do so and one in which causes you to sit and be still and feel into that connection. That in itself is a gift all its own in many ways.

In our busy world, always striving toward something, Joie truly helped me appreciate that no matter what else I may do, I am worthy just as I am. I will admit that this one I continue to still practice, and likely always will, but learning to be more in a state of being I’ve found a new peace within, and it’s been so rewarding – so much so, I know I will continue to make a conscious effort to do so.

And lastly, I really came to understand that one animal friend moves on, our hearts can expand again – which I did experience with the loss of Frankie, too. But I believe what I gained differently in perspective this time on a deeper level is that each animal comes into our life at just the right time – and leaves when their work is done. And when they do, they then open the door for another to enter our life when the time is right again. They truly are our guides and teachers if we stay open to what they bring to this world and our lives.
Describe your desk
My desk is periwinkle with a cream colored skirting around it. On top I have a tulip lamp, a picture of one of my favorite authors, Tasha Tudor, always a glass of water or tea, and some favorite books.
And my desk is inside a quaint, 10 x 12 room that sits off the end of our deck, separate from our home. It has six large windows and it is a place that I spend a lot of time and absolutely adore. My writing cottage, which are sometimes referred to as " She Sheds" was featured on ABC,, and CBS.
Published 2016-09-26.
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