Interview with Joseph Sinclair

What motivated you to write Hackproof Email: Make Your Email Secure with RMail Services, an ebook on email security?
Well, about ten years ago I had my email hijacked which led to a loss that took several thousand dollars and three weeks of my time to recover. I learned about email security the hard way. With all the email problems in the news in recent years, I thought now would be a good time to write a book about keeping one’s email more secure.
You say more secure? Can I keep my email hackproof or not?
As an absolute matter, not without great inconvenience. As we know, certain governments have huge digital resources that may be impossible to defend against. As a practical matter, however, we can substantially decrease the likelihood of getting hacked by non-government criminals, perhaps not to zero but pretty close.
So, how do we do this?
My approach has been to use procedures and software that are simple and convenient. Low expense is another criterion. This is a book for everyone, not IT personnel.
Where did your search for procedures and software lead you?
Not far. I knew about RMail services before I started thinking about writing the book. My research led me to believe that RMail services provide a robust set of secure services that anyone can use. Other security solutions are more complex, more expensive, more incomplete, or all three. So I chose RMail services to be the focus of the book.
So this book is a book about using RMail services for making one’s email more secure?
That’s right. I have not written a general book on email security, although my book includes a lot of general information needed to understand how one can make one’s email more secure. A survey of secure email services and software turns up a lot of competition to RMail, but RMail seems far and away the leader for ease, convenience, and variety. In addition, RMail services are business oriented enabling businesses to do things online that they would otherwise have to do in the physical realm, that is, offline. But surprisingly some of the business services are useful for personal matters too.
Have you written about online security matters before?
A little in some of my other books. I’ve written about twenty books published by national publishers, mostly on internet-related topics for non-programmers. This is my first book on security. I’m not a security expert. Email security is a complex field of little interest to anyone but IT personnel. I’ve written about the everyday problems with which everyone should be concerned and about practical solutions to those problems. Most of my research was directed to RMail and the security problems it solves. The RMail staff did a technical review of the book, so I feel pretty confident that my writing is reliable.
Who is publishing your books now?
I’ve had about a ten-year sabbatical from publishing. In my renewed writing career, I have my own publishing firm, Appworth Media, which published its first book at the end of 2016, Publishing by Voice, in webbook form (
What’s your next book?
Publishing by Voice is the first of a series of four books, perhaps more, that I intend to write about using diverse media in digital text publications and exploring the different forms in which we can publish digital books. I’ve almost finished three more books.
Is that why you published your first book as a webbook? And by the way, what is a webbook?
A webbook is simply a book published as a website. The book is the website, and the website is the book. There’s nothing on the website except the book, and the webbook is as easy to read as an ebook. It’s an experiment. It enabled me to embed a volume of sound bites in the text that is currently not practical to embed in an ebook.
Getting back to email security, do you plan to write any future online security books?
I will certainly consider writing a new edition of Hackproof Email when the time is ripe. But beyond that the only current plan I have is to see if this email book will lead to other security inquiries that might suggest another security book.
Published 2017-12-25.
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