Interview with Judith Okech

Published 2019-01-23.
What is your writing process?
First of all, I have to say my books are non-fiction based on real-life experiences and more inclined to problem-solving.

However, the process of writing them differs in that each book is born from its own inspiration! So you would not find the same format running from one book to another. Every day is a new beginning. My conscience guides me, and, before I complete a book, the next is usually in the offing.

I aim at uprooting the problem right from the roots. If you cut a tree from the stem, it will still grow. You cannot climb a ladder from the middle; how will you get there in the first place? You have to start from the bottom!

My notebook never leaves my pocket, and when I sleep, it sits on my lampstand. In my writing journey, I found out that the moment something skips my mind, it rarely returns. So anywhere anytime is jotting time. I then rearrange the topics on a draft depending on how I want to put them down, and then my work begins! Some content may sneak into my mind during the writing process though.

Sometimes I may have a book title that requires research. I must admit this is the most difficult experience I have ever had. Talking to people, most of whom are elderly, way over forty years to divulge information they hold so dearly is a task. One may wonder why I focus on this age group! They have gone through the ups and downs of life and have settled. In a few occasions, I get snubbed, but I appreciate what I get; I believe that is what I was meant to receive!
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes! I remember pretty well the first story I ever wrote. It is a story I wrote after a painful moment that took me quite some time to get over. The hard fact is that I was all alone at it! I sobbed in my loneliness, but I could get devastated day after day. Going into the depression, I only heard about on social media was becoming a reality.

I tried to seek solace from a few friends, but they did not help much. Well, I have to admit that it grew me up a little bit! You never know how harsh the world acts, until you find yourself in need of some help. I felt rejected!

Somehow, as we all know, God works in His ways, I found myself down on my knees. The tag of war began; “should I pray, should I not?” In my conscience, I needed an immediate answer. I found out I was dreaming; my desire was an impossibility. So I had to step back and adopt some patience.

To be sincere, it was not easy to concentrate on prayer; so I could not even pray on my own, I relied on written prayers like our Lord ’s Prayer, among others because my mind was wandering around looking for solutions to my problem. Slowly by slowly, I started letting loose the pains. The moment I got a breakthrough, I looked back and realized people are suffering out there to the extent of going into depression or opting to take their lives away!

Three years down the line, the necessity to help free others from such hurts dawned on me. I wrote my first script though at a snail’s pace knowing that even this second, someone somewhere is still undergoing the same pain. The constant reminder of my predicament is one of my prayer points on a daily basis. Not that I have noted it down somewhere; a mention of it is a must, for those who are carrying the same burden. I tend to think God wanted me to pray for such souls.

I thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to save someone’s life through my write-up.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
I have never forgotten the first story I ever read, that is during the period of my dilemma. Before then, I could read books but not with a focus towards anything; just for fun! When it came to this book titled “You are not rejected,” a hard copy written by a servant of God, I was on the lookout for such a book; one that would help me wipe away my sorrow.

Through this book, I came to know five major facts that I had not taken so seriously before.
1. The author of my life mandated me to be the boss of my life. Referring to the first chapter of the book of Genesis in the Bible, “You are not rejected” reminded me that I am in control of everything that takes place in my life.
2. Riding on past hurts is like standing outside while it rains heavily on me yet my house is a stone throw away. In the long run, I suffer the consequences!
3. My healing process cannot stem from any other person other than me. I stopped telling my story to people who were not of much help; some gave substantial advice though. Over time, I have learned to device wise ways of dealing with any issue at hand.
4. All the good things I admire in people’s lives have taken them a lot of sacrifices. Any skipped step in life is a waste of time and resources since, at some point, one may have to go back and begin from there.
5. Learning ends when one dies. The book featured that I have to be on my toes in sourcing information and using the right procedures to solve my problems; no shortcuts.

The author spoke to me directly, I can say. I went back to the drawing board, began a new life after wasted years. I have no regrets because today I have a testimony that has changed lives.
How do you approach cover design?
I use a professional designer.
What are your five favorite books and why?
1. The Spiritual Man – by Watchman Nee
I downloaded it during my turbulent times when I was desperately in need of spiritual guidance. It resonates with the strides I have taken to get to where I am today and reaffirmed the message I got from the first story I read, as indicated in one of the previous interviews.

2. The power of a praying wife – by Stormie Omartian
It took me through a lot of do’s and don’ts. I realized that indeed a woman is a helpful tool in the transformation of those assigned to her (husband and children). I have to re-energize on a daily basis, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to be able to take up my responsibilities as a wife. The teaching has indeed uplifted me.

3. Uncover your potential – by Myles Munroe
There is a lot of encouragement in here. It reminds me that I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. I got so empowered to carry on with my mission of seeking and working for Christ.

4. The Purpose Driven Life – by Rick Warren
Being an evangelist in my church, I yearn for ideas thus learning from famous writers as Rick Warren has been of great help. An evangelist must have something to tell the congregation. As I said earlier, learning never ends. A responsibility comes with unwavering desire to give the best. It taught me to focus on the right things, people and jobs. I stopped pleasing people and diverted my attention to God. Scheduling time for prayer has become part of my life, thanks to this book.

5. We are more than conquerors – by Fr. Martin
I was a regular visitor in the church, always soliciting advice from church ministers. It gave me an opportunity to pounce on this book through which I got to know that I can only get power to tackle my problems from God. In every situation; good or bad, I put God first.

In summary, my hunger for spiritual growth led me to read these books. I still need to have something to give others, therefore reading on and on at any given opportunity.
Describe your desk
I do my writing in my house; in a room, that doubles up as my children’s study room and my office at the other corner. Natural light proves to be friendly, so I sit facing one of the windows with my laptop right in front of me. On the right of my computer rests a bottle of drinking water. My notebooks, pen, and Bible have a place on the left of my laptop. Next to the books lies my phone in muted mode.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Kisumu city in Kenya. Lukewarm Christians habited my surroundings; something that I did not notice during my stay there since I was not different either. It only came to light when I began to make strides towards Christ. The life was a lot more to the world.

Flashing back, what I get is that some of my playmates may not have gotten to where I am today for lack of an opportunity to delve deeper into who God is and His importance in our lives. As I write, I may not be able to reach out to everyone, especially those who have severely lost it. But I feel the need to save the future of the upcoming generations. Many Christians get lost in thinking God is here for us whereas it is the other way round. We are in the world for God!

Christianity is a hat that we can all wear yet if we get paraded, nobody can tell the difference in our quantum’s of it! As I kept seeking God, He removed the clouds, created some see-through that allowed me to understand why some parents, teenagers, children and everyone, in general, behaved the way they did in my growing up days. I could picture them with sympathy and think; why should someone else get lost in my watch?
For how long do you intend to write and why?
Writing has become my hobby and is soon becoming my mainstream job. I love to see people enjoying the fruits of their labor and to leave the world a better place some day. I still have quite a lot to give!

Misery is not God’s making since His plan for us is to progress. I want to live the rest of my life making corrections. So I intend to write for as long as I can comfortably sit at this desk and use a computer. Discoveries mushroom on a daily basis, so I believe I will always have something to tell the world.
When did you first start writing?
I first started writing in the year 2016.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is underway. Apart from the researches I have done, I have sat in many forums and taken note that a substantial number of people do not understand the treasures God widely speaks about in the Bible; there is a lot of misinterpretation. I have chosen to bring it out to my readers as I do during these meetings.

Among the topics are:-

Who is eligible for these secret treasures and why!

The reason behind God choosing not to disclose the treasures!

Their source!

Proof of the existence of the treasures!

What qualifies one to get the treasures!

Like I said in one of the earlier interviews, lack of knowledge kept me in a state of uncertainty that I would not want anybody to dwell in. You better skip some stages of life with haste. I am writing this book with a lot of passion hoping to clear my reader’s minds of any confusion. In the end, if it all, I would love to see stability in the lives of my readers. Within the same body, the doctor checks your physical health; I deal with your spiritual health; both under the umbrella of Jesus Christ.

The book will be live by the end of April 2019.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Firstly, my motivation to become an author also came from the sentiments I got from people I spoke to on separate occasions. They made me realize I had something that I needed to unleash! Their thoughts went like this:-

I have never looked at it that way!

God just sent me to the right person!

At least I feel happier!

Some even felt obliged to keep updating me on their progress. I could tell there was a need since what bothers one person here worries another elsewhere. In my view, indie authorship proved to be the fastest I could reach out to based on the ease of inception and the availability of distribution channels.

I had also read some books online, and the stories I could hear from those who referred me gave me a boost. Whether the tales were true or false, I cannot prove, but the fact that a single person spoke to so many people through his books and got lives changed amazed me! In particular, “Fascinating Womanhood” was a book that touched many hearts, mine included.

I found out that everyone has something good to tell people. Unfortunately, some may never do it for lack of realization of their ability. In indie authorship, content mutilation is minimal since the author has the greatest say. I had also read an article about J.K. Rowling getting rejected by thirteen publishers when she was starting. Why? Her content did not go well with their expectations; that is as per the article. Back in her mind, she felt she wanted it as it is. It spoke volumes considering she, later on, became a renowned novelist.

Indie authors enjoy quite some independence, which is a plus! With patience, determination, and focus, the future of indie authorship is bright.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
I may not have much to say about Smashwords for now as a new entrant, but I read something as soon as I signed up. As a major in private business, organizations have failed me a lot of times whether physical or online. I do not see such failure in Smashwords since the procedures put in place, including these interviews, are not for the benefit of Smashwords alone but for the benefit of the author and reader too. It is like giving authors marketing tips and bridging the author and the reader. Smashwords believes in a give and take; the company, author, and readers all have to scoop something from this whole process.

I hope to have more valuable stuff to say about Smashwords as time goes by.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writing for me is to create awareness. By creating awareness, I erase doubts, change the perspective from which my readers view life, show them that there is no burden too heavy to carry and that they have the power to do what they want for as long as it is in line with the Kings rules.
In essence, God wants each human being to live a decent life. “I know what someone does not yet know,” and it is my responsibility to put him in the limelight. When feedbacks of steady progress land in my ears, I spring up with more joy and motivation to carry on.
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