Interview with Karen Michelle Nutt

Published 2015-01-05.
If you were a book, what would your blurb be?
Common sense tells Karen Michelle Nutt that influencing the past is impossible, but she does her best when time traveling to another century, bringing soul mates together. When she’s not changing the past, she spends her day with shape-shifters and vampires, encouraging them to embrace their destinies with a wee bit of magic.

On another plane of existence, Ms. Nutt lives with her husband and is enjoying her happily-ever-after, while her three children keep this realm fascinating with work and college-day dilemmas. Her pets—four dogs and three cats are always there to join in on the fun.

As to what the future may bring, the tale is still being woven into the tapestry of time.
Every writer has a distinctive ‘voice’- what would be your voice’s tagline?
Time Travel, Magic and Otherworldly Romances ... embrace your destiny and enter my world!
Do you have a favorite book on writing? If so, which one and why?
Out of all the books I have stacked on the shelves of my bookcase, there is only two I keep on my desk. A must have for romance writers are these books: The Romance Writers’ Phrase Book by Jean Kent, and the Millennium Phrase Book by Rebecca Andrews. There are descriptive phrases or tags to help you find the right word to give your imagination a jolt.
Do you set goals each for what you want to accomplish each day? Word count? Pages?
Alas, I have tried to set a goal, but my muse rebels when I try to demand a word count for the day. I may write 6k one day and maybe only 2k on another day. If I’m given a deadline, I tend to procrastinate to the very end. I guess my muse likes to work under pressure.
What kind of character archetypes do you tend to favor for your stories?
One character I tend to favor is the alpha hero, where they’re born to lead and are tough, decisive and may be a bit overbearing and inflexible, but still have a lovable side.

I also like the tortured, secretive, brooding, and unforgiving hero. He’s also vulnerable and a bit of a loner, but also creative.

For the heroine: I like a “take charge” female, who is goal oriented. She’s the boss.

I also like the battle-ready heroine. She isn’t a shrinking violet or a damsel in distress. A headstrong heroine is great for standing toe to toe with the alpha hero or next to him in a battle.
What do you enjoy most about writing?
I’m able to enter another realm, create a world where anything can happen.
What is your greatest writing challenge and how do you deal with it?
Time. Like most who love to write, I also have a day job and a family. Writing is whenever I can squeeze in the time to sit down. Luckily, Mondays are my day off and I dedicate my serious writing to that day. I tend to write better in the early morning. By the end of the day my muse and I are spent.
What advice have you gotten that you live by?
Don’t sweat the little things. Life is too short. Live each day to the best, laugh a lot and enjoy the people you love. If all else fails, grab a cup of tea, kick up your feet and escape between the pages of a book.
What’s your comfort reads?
Just about any book will do, but I lean toward paranormal romances, historical time travels, but I also like good thriller now and again. My favorite authors I keep going back to: Diana Gabaldon, Tim Powers, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, J.R. Ward, and Dean Koontz to name a few.
When did you start writing?
As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to write, scribbling down my stories in notebooks. I still have my earlier works, which were mostly westerns and paranormals. My girls have read them and passed them along to their friends, too. I also wrote plays and my fifth grade teacher let my friends and I perform them for the class—quite a thrill for an eleven year old.
After that grilling, how about an easy one. What is coming up for Karen? Is there a WIP’s you want to tell the readers about?
Whew, an easy question. I have a new hunter/vampire tale that will be released at the end of Jan. 2015 with Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing. I'm working on Gideon's tale in the Warriors for the Light series, and I hope to finish a few more projects before the end of the year. Wish me luck!

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