Interview with Kateryna Kei

What motivated you to become an indie author?
One day I realized that I am my own rescue and decided to finally dare and take action.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I love watching my characters take life, make some unexpected moves, create some new and surprising situations.
When you ride the wave of inspiration and creation, you feel this invigorating energy flowing through you, and there is nothing like the wonder of watching the magic of creation unfold in front of your mind's eye.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Harry Potter,
Penrod series by Booth Tarkington,
Prince of Ice by Stobie Piel,
Scarlet Sails by Alexander Grin,
Wuthering Hights by Emily Brontë

the list is not exhaustive for me, but these five are the first I thought about. Why I love them? Because their stories, their messages resonate with something inside me, make a shiver run down my back despite the fact that I've read them some many times that I nearly know them by heart. And, of course, because I never get tired of re-reading them.
There is one fictional character from The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins who explained it in the way I find perfect. His favorite book was "Robinson Crusoe" and whenever he needed an advice in any life situation, or even an explanation, he would open this book on a random page and read the first sentence his eyes would fall upon. And it was always working ;-)
Who are your favorite authors?
J. K. Rowling, H. R. Haggard, A.M. Volkov, Booth Tarkington, Emily Brontë, Stobie Piel, Robin Hobb, Gabriel J. Gates, Christopher Paolini, Stephenie Meyer... to name but few.
Describe your desk
my desk is what I call it a creative mess. Don't get me wrong - my inspiration does not depend on the order or its absence on the desk. No, I can perfectly work on a desk that is completely empty but for my notebook and pen.
However, if it's a place where I work not just occasionally, but most of the time, it will unavoidably get covered by post-its, all sorts of very important papers, pencils and pens, organizers and other important notebooks, etc.
The wall next to it is also covered with posters, reminders, inspiring quotations and pictures, and all sort of creative stuff that is part of my creative environment.
When did you first start writing?
I guess it was when I was twelve or thirteen. I loved inventing stories as long as I can remember and while playing with other kids, I was always the one who created the plot of our games. But the idea of writing it all down hadn't occurred to me until I read "Penrod" by Booth Tarkington, the book series that I love very much. And at some point, the main character, Penrod, was actually writing a fiction story about a detective who was sort of his personal invented hero. So, that was when I first thought about writing my stories down.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Of course I do. I guess no one ever forgets. It was a romance the idea of which came to me in a dream. But I don't think I will ever let anyone read it ;-)
What's the story behind your latest book?
Actually, that's the question I cannot fully answer yet without disclosing details from the upcoming books of the series.
The plot of "The Raven Boy Saga" sort of grew out of one curious situation that ended up being somewhere in the middle of the series. And even though "Raven Boy" is the first book of the series, it was the last one that occurred to me.
I promise to come back to this question after the part in question is out; for now, I can say that the idea of the book was born when I was in high school, while I was sitting and yawning through yet another boring and unbearably long-lasting lesson.
What do you read for pleasure?
Actually, it depends on my mood.
I really enjoy reading again books that I love the most, that are part of my own "diamond collection". Otherwise, I do enjoy action adventure, romance, y/a, fantasy, legends and tales, as well as books about psychology, marketing, and all sorts of communication.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Mostly by chance - I stumble upon the advertising in some of the websites or newsletters, or just on Amazon or Goodreads. it would be fair to say that they find me, and I rather like it like that.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I love all of them, but mostly use my PC or phone
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Oh, there is always too many things to do, so I'll only name the most common and present-related:
- Irish dancing (can't help it - I'm a huuuuuge fan ;-) )
- reading (oh yeah, that one is responsible for so many sleepless nights and forgotten tasks, that sometimes I agree with those who call it 'vicious addiction', haha)
- working on one or several of my other projects (from translations to webdesign and just some research, that one takes a lot of time too)
- walking and enjoying the nature
- traveling (that's another very favorite one
Well, obviously there is a nice portion of time dedicated to family and friends, but I don't think there is a need to go deeper here because that is something that is common for everyone.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Breakfast ;-) I am always hungry at the morning, and there is nothing like the perspective of a hot and sweet steaming cup of tea with chocolate. As my grand-ma would say, "The tea must be black like a night, hot like love and sweet like a kiss".
Published 2016-02-18.
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Raven Boy (The Raven Boy Saga # 1)
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The Viking king is killed and his widow is called to suggest to the council a good successor, able to win the raging war. Torn between her feelings and her duty, she decides to seek the divine guidance from the rune caster. Yet his prophecy is really weird: it chooses but a boy, the youngest of her twin sons, and in addition promises him something much more dreadful than death on the battle field.