Interview with Kathleen Christopher

How does writing satisfy the creative itch?
The notion of 'being a writer' is elusive. More was the sense of tales needing to be shared, or at least ideas scribbled into notebooks. At the age of thirty, I moved, with my husband and three young children, from America to England, and it was in Yorkshire where I participated in my first National Novel Writing Month, to which I owe kudos for the kick in the keister. Starting my first novel via NaNoWriMo, in Britain no less, I set aside all the rules I had previously associated with writing, and since 2006, I haven't stopped noveling.
Why does self-publishing suits your needs?
I've published with a small press, but I prefer independent, or indie, publishing for retaining control over my work, and for the freedom to write what I want. Right now I'm working on a novel about an artist who turns into a hawk. Yet the plot isn't about a super hero, and it's set in the early 1960s, although it's not a historical romance, containing more than a touch of magical realism. How would that story be viewed by agents anxious to plug novels into easily discernible slots? Plus, I don't charge for my ebooks, and Smashwords kindly lets me upload my stories without charge. I don't think an agent or publishing house would look so generously upon my approach.
Why don't you charge for your novels?
Writing is a gift; how does one put a price on that? I'm fortunate to write as my unpaid day job, and the joy I receive telling tall tales far outweighs any type of monetary gain.
Why do you refer to self-publishing as indie publishing?
Self-publishing is a total misnomer; I require beta readers, cover design assistance, and the essential support of family and friends. Indie publishing expresses a wider sense of why I, and thousands of other authors, have chosen to release our novels without the trappings of traditional publishing norms. No longer are we tethered to publishing houses, or ignored outright.
Who are your favorite authors?
Poet and author Richard Brautigan is top of the list, followed by John Irving, Amy Tan, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Joseph Girzone, and Brennan Manning. Indie authors like Dianne Gray, Julie K. Rose, Heather Domin, Gary Weston, Suzy Stewart Dubot, David H. Keith, Elizabeth Rowan Keith, and Barnaby Wilde rock my world too.
Published 2013-10-31.
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