Interview with Katie Epstein

When did you first start writing?
I first started writing when I was around sixteen years old, when I realized I could do something with all the crazy ideas that rolled about in my head at night. It was more about the dialect that the actually story building, but I loved seeing the worlds and characters I created come to life.
Since then, it's always been a hobby that remained in the background until I reached my late twenties. That was when I decided I wanted to take it further, and I needed to become serious about it—and the hard work began!
What's the story behind your latest book?
The Prophecy Child series has taken a life of its own, and the characters within it are screaming for their story to be told.
It's about a ex-demon slayer called Macey Jennings, who now runs a nightclub where demons are welcome. She also runs a bounty hunting service, so she can her foot in the slaying pool, and she's guardian to two half-demon children who came into her world when her friends died. She has a full plate—and at times—a foul mouth, but she's loved her eclectic group of friends around her.
The series starts with Macey crossing paths with human Private Investigator, Harry Sinclair, when he is on the case of a missing girl. He follows the trail to Macey's nightclub, and that's where the fun and games begin. Harry reluctantly lets her help him on the case as their worlds intertwine, and they both have to contend with the instant chemistry that flares between them.
It's been such a fun series to write, and they are pulling me along on their journey as they force me to type out what's happening in their world. There's been many moments when I've typed something, only to pause and state "No way..." when I've seen what's happened. They really do like to keep my on my toes.
What are you working on next?
Book two in the Prophecy Child is out early 2015, and book three has already been written and is waiting in the wings. I love where this story is going because of how the characters are changing and developing throughout, as the underlying storyline starts coming to the forefront. I am currently working on book four, with an aim to close it out at book five (hopefully!). Then I have a choice to make on what to work on next. I suppose it depends on which idea shouts the loudest!
Who are your favorite authors?
I have way too many, but I suppose an avid reader can never have too many favourites!
I have to start with Amanda Quick. When I discovered her books, I finally found out what getting lost in a book meant. In each and every story I was transfixed, and it usually resulted in my husband prying the book out of my hands because we needed to go out.
Then there is Nora Roberts. She can turn anything into a good story, and her books are page turners each and every time. I love it when she writes about more of the fantasy elements, but you can never go wrong with a Nora Roberts novel.
I also have to mention Lisa Kleypas for inventing Derek Craven. That man is full of trouble and back story, and so real, that there is a need for you to keep reminding yourself that he isn't. He isn't real. Honestly—he isn't....
Last of all can I mention Dannika Dark, Stacey Marie Brown, Terri Reid and Patricia Briggs for giving me some amazing series to read. My husband isn't too happy with these ladies when he loses his wife for a few days and the house goes into disarray, but I have fell into some amazing adventures penned by these great authors.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story I wrote outside of school, was about a girl who kept on passing out and not remembering what happened when she did so. There were murders happening in the small town where she lived, and it made believe that it was her sister doing the killings. However, after falling in love with the guy who is trying to help her, they discover that it isn't her sister. She doesn't have a sister—it's her who has been doing the killings. It was a bit cliche, and the grammar was cringe-worthy in parts, but it was great to see it come to life on paper.
What is your writing process?
Do I have one? Well, yes, I must do I suppose. It kind of starts with ideas rolling around in my head, then locking a few of them down with the creation of a main character. If I feel an affinity with it, then I make the big decision to go ahead and make a story out of it. After playing it around in my head for a while, I ensure I have a beginning, middle and end mapped out, then I'm good to go.
Another thing I like to do is to write a book synopsis like you would see on the back of a book cover. Then I would create the characters through profiling and hopefully then, further ideas form.
How do you approach cover design?
Cover design is one of my favourite bits of the book, because I like to let out my creative side every now and again.
I start off by looking at websites that sell affordable images, because I know then if I like it, it's affordable for me to purchase a licence for. I have also downloaded affordable commercial-use fonts that have a great range, so I can make the cover look as professional as possible.
It's key to make the cover your anchor, because as we all know this can be the first thing that draws people in. I've learned a lot while doing my own covers, and I'm sure there is a lot more to learn. But it's great to look at something and think—wow, I did that, and know people are talking about it in a good way. It also helps I have some very creative family members who help me out from time to time!
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords has certainly opened a door for people who want to have their work read, and in a way that still provides boundaries for readers to have access to a great portal of books to read. It allows you as an author to put your work out there, and it gives great advice and support along the way. It's definitely changed the publishing world for the better.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
It has to be seeing the characters come to life, and seeing people's reactions to them when they read the story.
Everyone reads and interprets things differently, so it's great to hear how the stories can impact a reader. Even if it's just a case of providing them with a few hours of entertainment!
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I have two children who are growing up fast, so I like to spend time with them where I can. We love walking in the outdoors, and we usually end up in a forest or two along the way.
I also like to read—a lot—and it's an addiction that has become worse since the invention of e-book apps. My book bill at the end of the month can be scary at times!
Published 2015-01-16.
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