Interview with K.H. Rennie

What inspired you to write Triton's Deep?
A need to explore the middle ages from a different perspective. I’ve been interested in medieval history for some years, but did not feel I had enough knowledge to write a medieval thriller or something similar. It would have taken a lot of research to get all the small detail exactly right, and let’s face it, that’s what makes these type of stories so fascinating, not simply the characters or their challenges, but what they wore, what they ate, the scenery around them, the particular challenges of the period in which they lived.
So my answer to that was to set my stories in a parallel universe if you like, where there would be more scope for my imagination and less need to get bogged down in research.
What inspired the Triton angle?
A desire to write about the sea, and what might be down there in this other worldly place, and also to look at how the old gods could resurface, if you like, without too much difficulty. Once the main character understands the power he has he begins to work with the gods to defeat the antagonist. The struggle between good and evil.
Tell us about the gods
The point is that the gods will work with us if we believe. Without belief they are just shadows, but once we start to focus on them, to give them credibility, they start to gain power. There can also be a down side to this. Invoking any kind of supernatural force can unleash the opposites. Be careful what you wish for. I’m talking now from the perspective of this fantasy world I created.
Is there a follow up to Triton's Deep?
Yes, The Nemesis Gene is coming in 2016. This story is set in the same world with the same social structure – medieval culture where the theologians have most of the land and power. The gods, or spirits in this case, are once again restless and determined to be given their rights. So are the natives! The local lords are planning to unseat the power of the Order and take back their lands, and their sons, who have entered the Order.

My main character is a novice monk who has joined an order devoted to sorcery. He’s supposed to be there to develop his talents with sorcery, but he’s rather lazy and has not studied. He’s content to let things go on as they are. But one day he’s shocked out of his complacency by the intrusion of an animal spirit that obviously wants to take over. This sets off a sequence of events that will force him to develop himself in ways he cannot conceive.
Published 2016-01-16.
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