Interview with Milton Dean, Jr

What do you read for pleasure?
I normally read fiction set in medieval times. Where I am a genealogist also, the past holds a lot of interest for me.
Describe your desk
Hm. Cluttered.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small waterfront community on the Chesapeake Bay where our schooling was done in very small classrooms. We learned all the basics from 3 teachers who expected nothing less than excellence in everything we did. In High School, I took Advanced English (English V) classes in which we had to write essays, short stories, novellas and poetry. I was also on the school newspaper as one of the reporters and on the staff of our magazine effort.

Writing just seems to come naturally to me, and I also enjoy it as a way to relax.
When did you first start writing?
I would say my first attempt at writing was in High School, but that was a real mess....
What are you working on next?
My next book, which will be rather droll, will be on the techniques used to properly split White Oak logs to be used by those who are buying this book.... Real droll, right?
Who are your favorite authors?
Stephen King, Anne Rice, J. K. Rowling, Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe -- I have many favorite authors and enjoy reading many different writing styles.
Published 2015-03-08.
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