Interview with Amanda Hysinger

What are your five favorite books, and why?
The Lovely Bones. my favorite book of all time. it really spoke to me. i literally cried while i read it.
Speak. oh, this is such a powerful book. seriously..the journey you take with Melinda is amazing and feels so real.
Lolita. it's not for everyone, i think. but it's actually quite a great story and it's surprising, tbh. i recommend it.
Game of Thrones. fantasy at it's best. forget all that twilight crap, this is the series that everyone needs to be reading.
Wifey. the only adult book that Judy Blume wrote. it's definitely a taste of wat the 70s was like.
What do you read for pleasure?
for pleasure, i like to read R.L. Stine Fear Street Series and the Stephanie Plum Series because I have been collecting Fear Street books since i was a pre-teen and the Stephanie Plum series is just really spunky and fun.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
i grew up in a really small town. you kno where everyone knows everyone and nobody can keep a secret. i find that with my writing, it's totally made me feel for the southern girl who is trapped in a dead-end town with dead-end ppl. i sympathize with her and that's the view-point i tend to have whenever i tackle something. i hope to one day write a coming-of-age story about a southern girl who makes it kno, the girl who realizes her dreams and makes it beyond the small town dead-end life of making babies, working for minimum wage, and never seeing anything beyond the population sign.
When did you first start writing?
i was in the 3rd grade when i 1st starting writing. i remember writing 1 page stories and passing them around the classroom for my friends to read.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Being able to write my thoughts down onto paper and having someone read those words and see my story thru their own eyes and taking away from it something that really touches him or her and makes them think.
Who are your favorite authors?
R.L. Stine will forever be one of my favorite authors. i've loved his work for such a long time now and i dont think i could ever really abandon him. Lois Duncan is pretty awesome as far as young adult authors go, as well is Christopher Pike and Diane Hoh..i enjoy the horror genre a great deal and they were some of the best ones i read thru out my teens and young adult years.

Janet Evanovich is seriously one of my faves and i wish i could write with her wit and sense of humor. Judy Blume was someone that i never really got into as i was growing up, but her coming-of-age novels are still some of the best out there. and i also really enjoy George RR Martin..his fantasy series about A Game of Thrones, it is really one of the best series i've ever had the pleasure to read.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
i spend my free time with my family. we're a poly family (me, my husband, our girlfriend, and her 6yr old son) and we all live together and love each other very much. we're a normal family, we just happen not to be traditional. whenever we have the time and the money, we like to go out to eat, shopping (browsing vintage/used bookstores is one of our favorite things to do as a family), grab supper and play at the park all evening, and go to the lake; swim and bar-b-que all day.

if we're not at any of the above places, or just driving around, we're at home watching Doctor Who or a good movie and eating some delicious home-cooked meals. we also spend quality time with our 3 dogs -- a chihuahua and 2 shih-tzu mixes.
What is your writing process?
i do a lot of planning and note taking when i'm writing. i like to have a pretty clear lay out of wat i want my story to be and then i go from there. i like to write at nite, too. idk why, but i like to write b/t midnite and 2am. i dont care much for music while i'm writing, but i do like to have something playing in the background.
How do you approach cover design?
i would like for the cover design to atleast match up to wat my story is about. i haven't done much as far as cover design goes, but i would like to have my say in wat goes on the cover and wat doesnt especially if i have a specific idea in mind from the get-go.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
my google tablet. it's not much, but it's mine.
Describe your desk
i dont have a desk. i mean, i have a desk, but i dont use it. i prefer to have my laptop in my lap and work from my favorite chair. i actually love the desk i have because a teacher gave it to me when i was in college and majoring in secondary education. she said that i needed a good desk since i was planning to be a teacher and she just volunteered her own desk to me. i still have it and idk that was 10+yrs ago i guess, and i love it..but i dont really use it..i guess if i get my own office one day (or god my own room to use), i'll start using it for real.
Published 2014-07-24.
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