Interview with Robin Beck

What motivated you to become an indie publisher
I had worked about 25 years in the printing industry, at one time owning my own printing business, the last seven years of which I was in a partnership with three others (two Ron's and a Monty). We were in essence a production house for around eight independent publishers, handling book design, typesetting, cover design, printing and binding.
During this time I had become interested in an alternative lifestyle; everything from esoteric science to macrobiotics and natural health. The traditional way of the world was no longer working for me, so I became a serious 'seeker'. Then the print consultancy partnership collapsed for no bad reason. One of the partners retired, our main printing contractor sold his business and the new owner was no longer interested. I was faced with a life-changing decision; to stay or go.
I chose to launch a publishing house specializing in books that make a difference to people's lives. Within two weeks I was offered my first manuscript which was a sign to me that I had made the right decision.
What is the greatest joy of publishing for you?
I think the greatest joy for me is getting a positive response from the author; the thrill they get in seeing their creative efforts transformed into a professionally produced book with a gorgeous and appealing cover. Close to that comes the response and praise given to the author by their readers as to the improvement in their lives that came from having read and studied the author's book. These are nice reminders that we are really making a differece in the world.
What are you working on next?
We have just published a wonderful book called "Shining Life - Weight Loss Miracles for Women" which tackles the emotional /psychological issues women face when dealing with being overweight. The author has had a history of many crash and fad diets, none of which worked, but she has now reached her ideal weight through using the techniques described in this book.
Sharon is passionate about getting her message out to the many others out there who suffer from being overweight.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Far and away the most successful has been social media, but some authors do not see the value, or do not Like or Share the posts of our other authors.This is a shame really because in the end if they don't participate then we tend to ignore them and their book dies a slow death. Publishing a new book can be likened to a birthing process, so if a new "baby" is not fed by both "parents" (author and publisher) it will surely die of starvation.
Who are your favorite authors?
For personal relaxation I like to read techno-thrillers, so my two favorites right now are Michael Crichton and Michael Cordy, both of whom write superbly.
Published 2015-11-04.
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