Interview with K.O. Bailey

How did you first get into writing?
I'd have to say writing has been a passion of mine since I first understood language and how to put words together. To me, writing isn't just putting pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard. So I've been writing in my head forever!
What made you decide to transfer the writing in your head to something everyone else could read?
Well, I can remember back as a kid in school having little assignments where the teacher would make you write short stories or whatever and since I was an avid reader I always felt that I could create stories just like the authors I enjoyed. In 6th grade in particular I remember writing something that made the teacher so emotional that she shared it with the principal! I thought I was in big trouble but it turned out that they just thought highly of what I created. That's when I knew I could do it. Recently though, I've just decided that it's time to make good on the promises I made to myself as a kid, and that was to write something that more than just two people read.
Are there any particular types of stories you like to read? And if so, has that influenced what you write?
Definitely! I love reading stories that are ground in real life, you know? Like, they could possibly happen. Crime stories, suspense, thrillers, things like that. And the more twisted and sick they are, the better. I know, that sounds terrible! But those kinds of stories are so compelling to me. And I really love stories in which the author creates characters you either really love or hate with every fiber of your being. With that being said, yes, I've always been told that you should write the kind of stories that you'd actually read yourself and that's what I aim to do.
Do you have ideas already in your head? Or do you kind of just sit at a computer and an idea for a story pops up?
To answer that, I have to say that I'm a firm believer that we as people are the way we are because of the experiences we've had in life. So yes, I do have tons of ideas for stories already in my head and after all the things I've been through, read, saw, or heard in life, I feel like I could write lots of stories!
Are there any challenges for you when it comes to writing?
Yes, I have a terrible disease called procrastination for one! But besides using my time wisely and not waiting until the last millisecond, the challenges I face when writing come down to keeping things succinct. Like, I want my characters to ramble on about random stuff just like we do or delving into the history of something. That's the teacher in me trying to deliver a lesson. I don't think there's any other real challenges other than just working up the motivation to write when you have ample time to.
You mentioned "the teacher in" you. Is that something you've wanted to do before?
Yes, that's what I have my degree in, as well as a master's in School Counseling. Teaching people things is something I love and sometimes I have to watch myself when researching things for my writing because I'm like, "Hey! Maybe my readers would love to know these random facts just like me!" I think there's a way to weave it into the stories, though. And still kind of "teach" while gripping a reader with something compelling.
Is there anything you'd like to teach to your readers with the stories you write?
For sure! The first lesson I want to teach them is that I'm not as sick and twisted as the stories I write might make it seem like I am! The other lesson is to be compassionate and caring to those "invisible" people in society. They have feelings and thoughts just like the rest of us and one thing that I aim to do with my stories is bring those people to the forefront. I started with Save Them All and will continue with that as long as I have readers who enjoy what I write!
What do your fans mean to you?
When I get them, they'll mean a lot! That shows that people actually enjoying taking time out of their lives to read what I've created. That means the world to me because they could've chosen to do something else, but instead, they're spending time with me. I also believe it's a huge trust thing because fans trust authors to create things that affirm that they haven't wasted their time.
Who are your favorite authors?
I have lots! But my main ones are Dean Koontz, Lisa Gardner, and Michael Connelly. I LOVE what they create! Dan Brown is another one because he weaves so much realism into his books that you think he's basically presenting a historical account to you!
What are you working on next?
I have lots of ideas for stories in my head. With that being said, I'm just working to make sure my debut reaches a good amount of people and that I connect with fans. After that, I can feel comfortable attacking my next novel.
Published 2017-10-12.
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