Interview with Krysteen Damon

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Definitely. I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I do know that I was still in elementary school and I was old enough to write. It was about these two sisters who were playing in their yard and decided to follow a yellow butterfly into the woods where they got lost. When they heard their mom calling, the same butterfly led them back out to safety. Even now when I think about that story, I think of me and my sister; we lived on eight acres of wooded land. I'm not sure if it actually happened or if my daydreaming carried me away again. My mom still keeps the story in her hope.

The next one I remember I never called it a story. I called it a scheme. I don't know why. I basically took the names of singers and the songs they sung that I knew and I connected them all in a plot so it made some sort of sense.

But the first book I started writing was when I was in sixth or seventh grade. I had two chapters written as well as a character list. Hopefully someday I will revisit it and breathe life back into the characters.
Who are your favorite authors?
My top favorite author is Jane Austen. I love her classic style and the way she incorporates so much of real life (you really need to look past the time period) into her works; they're timeless for a reason. Other than her, I enjoy many authors. I read just about anything I can, so many authors jump to mind that I love. Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling, Ruth Ann Nordin, Jana DeLeon, and many others. It is hard to find a really gifted author that is easy to fall in love with, but with the rise of ebooks, the challenge is becoming easier.
What is your writing process?
I'm not really sure I have one. I write what I can, when I can. I hit walls on a consistent basis, but when an idea hits me, I pretty much put everything on hold (save for my daughter) and write down everything I can before it slips right back out of my mind. But I guess the closest thing I have to a process is my habits. I prefer to write at night, when everyone else is sleeping, with matching music blaring in my ears, maybe some snacks next to me and definitely some water. I also prefer sitting in a chair that spins. I spin when I get stuck.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Free. So far. As of the time I'm writing this, I've only published a short story, but I can see how free has affected my sales. I have several promotional plans for future books that I'm in the middle of writing, and I'm so excited to try them out and see how each one works. But for right now, free is my best tool because I don't have a wide readership. I have a Facebook fan page and a blog to help build my platform. So please, if you would like to see updates on what I'm writing, them subscribe to one or the other or both. I recommend both, I'm already planning to offer deals exclusive to my Facebook fans and deals exclusive to my blog followers.
Describe your desk
What's a desk? I write at the dining room table, and right now, it's covered in papers, cups, my empty box of Chicken in a Biskit crackers, and a few other random items including the tools I need to write; my usb drive, my phone, pen, and paper. With the dream house I'll be able to buy when I'm wealthy, I will have my own office decked out with a desk, comfy spinning chair, and probably papers, cups, empty boxes of crackers, and other random items.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
My love to write mixed with my refusal to patiently wait for someone to notice me. When I first began to sit down and seriously write, I did look into literary agents. I was surprised to find what I did find. First, I didn't even know you couldn't just mail your manuscript to a big publisher, so that was a bit of a surprise. And then when I began to look up agents, I was appalled when you had to pay them regardless of if they could get your book to go anywhere. Maybe appalled is the wrong word because they still do work and need to eat, but it still wasn't a very comforting thought. So when I received my Nook a couple Christmas's back, I downloaded some free ebooks by Ruth Ann Nordin. I noticed somewhere in one of them that she published through Smashwords. I had no idea what Smashwords was, but when I looked it up, I was happily surprised. Finally a way for me to publish my work, get paid for it, and be in complete control. Up to that point I had no idea that you could self publish anywhere. I foolishly didn't try it first, choosing instead to enroll in KDP Select through Amazon. When I was released from my contract with them, I came here and never looked back again.
What are you working on next?
A lot of things actually. Right now I'm working on Bugs (horror), Love, Mommy (romance), a untitled romance short story, The Intruder (horror short story), Young Love series (romance), Bluebeard (horror), an untitled mermaid series (fantasy with other genre elements, not at all like Disney), and other things. I have quite a few things planned out for the future, including some I just mentioned. Bugs is about halfway through the first draft, the two short stories have just as much written, Love, Mommy is about of a third of the way done and everything else is just tidbits. For a complete list of everything I'm doing, go to my blog and read some of my past posts and be sure to subscribe to it so you can continue to get updates.
Published 2014-07-20.
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