Interview with Jeff Duffey MD

Ordinarily, I skillfully search the internet to find specific information I need. Why should I waste time reading your book?
Unlike many Internet sites, my book does not try to make you decide a certain way. It’s supportive. It is not judgmental or intimidating. While I am not responsible for what my resource websites say, I have screened them and the other resources for accuracy, relevance, and usefulness. I have tried to contact each one. You can save time by linking to these sites directly from the e-book. Unlike the Internet, this book can act like a safeguard to double-check that you have considered all the consequences of your decision. Its questions are essential and comprehensive. Working through this book and its resources will give you an assurance of thoroughness you might not get from just following where the Internet leads you.
What is your most vivid childhood memory having to do with books?
When I was twelve, I discovered a box of E. Haldeman- Julius Little Blue Books that my grandfather had read as part of his self-education. These were small books, simply written, and covered topics like writing a business letter, Free Will, and other hot topics of the late 1920's. I can imagine him reading them on the trolley ride into his work in Atlanta as a railroad clerk. He would take me on similar trolley rides to Rich’s Department Store and the S & W Cafeteria, with its revolving doors and food as far as my eyes could see. Once, those eyes were “too big for my stomach”, resulting in the ruination of my grandfather’s convenient hat. I adored him. To hold in my hands books that had meant so much to him was magical.
What tools and resources did you use in writing your book?
In the brainstorming phase, I used the Color Note app on my phone to make notes and e-mail them to myself. I carried a small notepad in the car and tried to focus on a particular topic each trip. I submitted drafts to several other professionals and tried to incorporate the suggestions. I found the CreateSpace community and articles helpful with formatting, design, and software issues. I read these paperbacks: How to Self-Publish a Book on, CreateSpace and Kindle Self-Publishing Masterclass, Publishing E-Books for Dummies, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, and The Indie Author Guide. These e-books helped: The Self-Publisher’s Quick and Easy Guide to Copyright, How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon, Book Reviewer Yellow Pages, Get More Reviews So You Can Sell More Books.
The Editor soft-ware program was helpful in early edits, but my developmental and final editors made a big difference in the book. My final editor also did my internal design, e-book cover, and website design. Another designer did my print cover and a professional indexer did my index. Each were excellent at collaboration. Learn as much as you can about these areas and do as much as you can first. Then, when you collaborate, you will understand the technical aspects of what is discussed. After you have your work professionally edited, you will understand why there is no substitute for it.
The process of writing a book is humbling. Marketing is even more humbling. People in AA will tell you HOW they recover. They say it takes Honesty, Openness, and Willingness. I have found this true of writing and marketing a book as well. I had to be open to the many sources of help offered me and learn new skills. I was inspired by others who made sacrifices to help me help pregnant women.
How do you feel about fans?
If women are to find this book when they need to, fans are crucial. I hope women experiencing unplanned pregnancies will share this book with the ones they love. Because they are unlikely to tell anyone else, it is important for other readers to tell their doctors, counselors, coworkers, teachers, ministers, and friends about the book. Without sales to people who aren’t pregnant, this book will be lost in the jungle.
As a writer, what is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is that women who need this book won’t be able to find it and will not have enough information to make their own best decision.
I see other excellent books on these subjects lost in the Internet or pages back in For example, these books should be at the front of the line because they are life changing: Ophelia Austin-Small’s Surprise Motherhood: A Guide to Unexpected Adult Pregnancy; Laura Crossett’s Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy; Tracey Moore’s Oops! How to Rock the Mother of All Surprises: A Positive Guide to Your Unexpected Pregnancy; and Fiona Karel’s Adoption: Information about the Adoption Process.
Published 2015-08-09.
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