Interview with Skipper Wease

What is the story behind your latest book FAIR: First American Internet Revolution?
Under the threat of a modern world communications shutdown, United States Senator Ernest J. Flanders (I-CA) must fight, cajole and convince enough of the other senators to pass the terrorist’s 12 Demands into law, or suffer the consequences. The 12 Demands are "The 12 Principles of FAIRism," a new political philosophy / science.

Senator Flanders, loosely based on Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), joins two self made Silicon Valley Billionaires, Jim Jonk & Alana Paterson, to change the US Congress into an example of FAIRism in American Democracy. Jim & Alana are actually the people responsible for the threats. Do not be confused.

FAIRism means replacing the corrupt politicians with FAIRist politicians in as many positions as possible. I firmly believe that if we can learn to demand that our politicians abide by the 12 Principles of FAIRism we can solve all of the problems we face in today's TRUMPism TWOP (Top Wealthiest One Percent) controlled terror we call politics.
Is Skipper Wease your real name?
Why do you use the pen name Skipper Wease?
For reasons similar to Samuel Clemens using Mark Twain as his pen name.
Why use a pen name at all?
To keep some anonymity during conflicted times regarding a dangerous topic.
Mark Twain's topic was "should a runaway slave be treated as a human," what is your topic of danger?
I want to organize 99% of America to revolt against the 1%.

The 99%ers versus the 1%ers. I call the Top Wealthiest One Percent the TWOP.

There are many TWOP people who will oppose this attempt to peacefully revolt in America, on the Internet.

That could be a dangerous situation.
How do the 99%ers defeat the TWOP 1%ers in your story, and what prize do we win?
The battle is between the TWOP big money interests and the 99%ers' determination to save American Democracy. The war cry is "I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday."

Under the threat of a modern world communication shutdown the US Senate passes the laws to enact the 12 Principles of FAIRism into a new American Bill of Rights for the 99%ers. We replace the corrupt politicians with a new breed of FAIRist politicians.

We win true control over the politicians to the betterment of the 99%ers. True control with DIDVOTE, a system of straw poll voting that allows the registered voters to hold the politicians accountable to 100% of Americans, not just to the TWOP.
What is the definition of a FAIRist politician?
The FAIRist politicians believe in and pledge to abide by the 12 Principles of FAIRism.

The goal is to defeat the horrors of the TWOP controlled TRUMPism we face in America today.

And maybe even to remove the "Invisible Hand" in world politics referred to by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations
Tell us about the 12 Principles of FAIRism.
They are all about being "fair" to everyone, fair to the 99%ers and fair to the TWOP. FAIRism means leveling the playing field for the 99%ers.
Will you list the 12 Principles of FAIRism for us?
I will be delighted to describe them. Let me be brief for now, we can discuss any of them in detail later:

FAIRism Principle #1: All elections 100% publicly funded, Amend Citizens United.

FAIRism Principle #2: All political positions will be limited to 2 consecutive terms

FAIRism Principle #3: All lobbying (legalized bribery) is a felony

FAIRism Principle #4: Drug war is over. Treat addicts as patients not criminal

FAIRism Principle #5: Income & Inheritance Tax rates return to the pre-Reagan levels

FAIRism Principle #6: Provide a single payer, Medicare Plan for All

FAIRism Principle #7: District Gerrymandering is replaced by computer polygons

FAIRism Principle #8: Minimum Wage maintained at a living wage ($15/hr. now)

FAIRism Principle #9: Free college tuition for households with income less than $125,000

FAIRism Principle #10: Forgive all Federal student loans (see Principle #9)

FAIRism Principle #11: Wean America off Fossil Fuels; goal is 100% GREEN energy country

FAIRism Principle #12: Develop national, state and local Straw Poll Voting systems to allow the registered voters to approve pending legislation before politician officially votes.
FAIRism sounds wonderful but impossible to achieve. Do the 99%ers win?
We 99%ers must demand a new breed of FAIRist Politicians who think of the 99%ers first.

Not thinking and passing laws only of benefit to the TWOP; instead, passing the laws that benefit 100% of Americans.

It is a long hard struggle within the US Senate and outside on the streets of America but the good people win and American Democracy with FAIRism is preserved.
We know you live in California now, but where are you from originally?
I grew up all over New England and moved to the west coast when I turned thirty.
Where did the idea of FAIRism originate?
I have been dreaming of it for fifty years.

Not in this exact form, it evolved with the times until now where it is now.

It actually appears to be a very viable solution to our American TWOP TRUMPism in 2017.
What are you working on next?
I called it, "The Revenge of the TWOP."

Obviously it's about the Blow-Back from the Top 1%ers, the TWOP, who lost a fortune in the implementation of the 12 Principles of FAIRism.

It's a NEW New Deal, passed by the US Congress.
Published 2016-12-18.
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First American Internet Revolution
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“FAIRism” defeats "TRUMPism." FAIR: The First American Internet Revolution is set in the near future of our imagination. The political philosophy of FAIRism created an American political world where our democratically elected politicians are finally accountable to us in the 99%, the lower ninety-nine percent of the country, instead of the TWOP, the Top Wealthiest One Percent.