Interview with Scott Carson

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Anything that gets my interest, as I am a avid cook and not only enjoy cooking, I am an excellent cook.

And I once made a birthday cake for my 11 year old son Daniel that is going to turn 12 in November, as the cake I made for him was created from scratch a white chocolate cake with vanilla icing.

And not only it was good, but fresh and moist and the people I have meet have always enjoyed my cooking. But there is so much to tell about me as in fact my past life has so many events that it has a good chances of becoming a movie one day?
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I am not writing I am either doing background research on a subject or analysing either a new stock or checking updated news on one's that I follow in my stocks portfolio. But I also like reading the news on Google News or the financial sector. Or I am either on my Twitter account or Facebook account either chatting with other business owners or authors online.

As I also have been helping other authors by posting there story on my Facebook timeline.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Basically on Amazon or Google Books are the two major e-book businesses.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes a matter a fact I do, and if any of you are familiar with the westside of Cleveland, Ohio and ever been to my hometown of Lakewood, Ohio? As those writing days began when I was employed as a cook at the Detroit Theatre that once stood at the corner of Woodward Avenue and Detroit Avenue. And so my story telling began inside that theatre, as I am highly intelligent and I find solutions to issues that most people wouldn't even think of?

But I already have one story released out on the open book market called A Journey to the Doorway in the Center of the Earth, a science fiction mystery.

But my first ever story I wrote that isn't published yet is called Alabaster Caverns and is another science fiction mystery, and this is the third time I have re written it.

And I don't have a release date for it to come out at the moment, but it is a 16 series novel based around the same characters.

As it takes you into the unknown and the past, and scout ship exploring for a new world and some conflicting hostile alien races along their voyage? But the book that I have out now is a three part series, and the adventure begins with a murder and not only are the explorers in search for the transparent tinted green doorway they are trying to get away from someone trying to stop them?

The doorway they discovered has been created by some old ancient alien race, and eventually figure it could possibly be some sort of traveling device? But the problem was trying to locate it in the first story and I am working on the second one, as the group of explorers got transported to Mars, but Mars past? And the planet was more breathable, but they realized how much danger they were in when they discovered the ancient alien technology?
What is your writing process?
Well my writing process is like Jimi Hendrix, as write my stories very similar to the music he wrote?

And so I write down words into a book as it is nearly 200 pages, and I use a mathematical formula to select certain words and combine them to form sentences?

And I have come with some crazy things,.and how do I get these 200 words I get words from out of other stories and find some unusual words that I wouldn't even have thought of even using.

But it probably comes from my way of thinking outside the box and use a totally different concept in my writing, as I got 16 books that I am writing and even a Star Trek The Next Generation story.

And planning to work on a prequel for the old slider television series, and so I am much more than a writer?
What are you working on next?
Well for first you would have to get some background information about me before I can tell you?

When I was in high school my mathematical skills were at A plus levels for two years, and I have done a lot of stock market research and I am very knowledgeable about stocks.

And some people call me like there analysis because I am so good at it, but I am also very good with numbers and in fact my older brother Kit tried to explain to me that it was impossible to break down a random number?

But I have done it, as I use to break down the Ohio Lotteries Pick 3 game, and my formula was very accurate at times and could figure out the likelihood of the first two numbers for that drawing.

And this one is still inside my memory so well as I knew the first two numbers was going to be a 4 and 1, and so all I had to do was play all the possible 10 straight combinations on this summer night in 1996? Well it was so accurate on that night that I pulled back in $1475.00, and during those days I would play around $50.00 and I won many other times in the year of 1996. And that night I won I have already arranged in going to Cedar Point with my good friend David, after we left the amusement park I won another $75.00 and most of the money would go into stocks. And one my stocks back in 1988 turned over 18 times three years later, and so I am working on a 800 page book based on the Power Ball game. With a breakage on numbers after they have been drawn, and each number has a different pattern and I use those patterns to find the likelihood on what is more favorable on coming out? But purchasing that next book will tell you a lot more information and how numbers like to come up in drawings?
Who are your favorite authors?
My most favorite author is James Rollins.
What do your fans mean to you?
A lot as it inspires me to write even more knowing they enjoy what I have written.
What do you read for pleasure?
Basically been science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance.
What are your future plans.
Well I have been doing a lot for the last few months since I came down to Tallahassee, Florida, as it was basically business, but was also planning on meeting my future wife that is overseas right now.

But I have been establishing pieces together since April of 2004, but changed my business name in 2011 to Carson Investment Services LLC. And I am working with two fund raising companies at this moment to bring out a new small kiosk book stand, as for starters, but have many other items to attend to after that.

As not only am I working on the kiosk shop, I am working with a friend on a new invention in the Auto industry and I have already been approved by the committee for $70,000.00. But the new book store is to help many of the authors I have made friends with to sell not only my book, but there's as well, and some of the funds are planned to pay for the processing fees for the $70,000.00 invention loan. And if your wondering what this new invention is, well imagine keeping your vehicle and have whatever fuel resource to be switched over to a electric motor?

Well this is the future coming when the day comes when you wouldn't have to pay for fuel, and this is much better than some of those other electric auto companies, and so it doesn't need you to trade in your vehicle either and so this new device can re energize the battery too.
Published 2015-10-30.
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