Interview with Layla Omorose

Why did you start writing? As an author have you ever lost motivation to write and if so how did you get it back?
To be honest I don't have an exact answer as to why I began writing. It just feels like something I should be doing. What I was meant to be doing. You know what I mean? Creating worlds and characters comes as natural to me as breathing. From one word or idea I can create an entire world. Writing allows me to express myself in ways that I can't in real life.

I've lost motivation, like seriously lost it, only once. That was back when I was in Jr High School. That transition between Jr H.S and H.S. For years I didn't write or care to write. It took me going to college to get my spark back. I'm not going to lie, for a moment I became lost. But when I had my first professor in college and he made the class write short stories my love for writing came back to life. With that motivation restored and with a lil help from the big man up stairs (God) I was able to pick back up the pen and start writing.
How did you choose the genre you wanted to write in? What do you look for when picking up a book?
I've always liked fantasy stories and imaginative movies and tv shows. When I was young I read a lot of African American novels or also known as "hood books" and they were never really to my liking but at the time that was all I had at my disposal. But soon they lost my interest. Most of those type of books revolved around gangs, drugs, sex and violence and story lines that became too predicable. Needless to say I grew bored. When I entered college and was introduced to different genres and authors from different cultures I started to branch out on my own and see what types of books I truly like. First and foremost I love reading about ancient times and about Greek/Roman or any other type of ancient mythology. so when I found authors that combined mythology and romance I couldn't help but fall in love with the genre. The first paranormal romance book that I read was Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I devoured that book and ever since I have been hooked. But see the problem with me is that once I like something I tend to want to read everything like it until I get bored. So as you can imagine I became bored with reading about vampires, witches, ...etc. So I figured why not write something different, And that's what I did. Because I figured there are way more interesting creatures to write about and toy with than just what is being mainstreamed.

The type of books that draw me are the ones with good plots and great and well developed characters. But before you even get to the plot is the cover. And as ashamed as I am to admit it I am one of those women who are drawn to a hot body on a cover. Besides that I also look for books that my favorite authors or authors I liked have read and recommended. Though I write paranormal romance I actually enjoy all genres of books. From The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junito Diaz to Perfume Diary of a Murder by Patrick Suskind to Masks by Fumiko Enchi to The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker to Dark Lover by J.R Ward or Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon.
Who do you think the majority of your audience will be? Gender, age, ethnicity?
I want everyone to love my work and stories as much as I do and be able to get lost in the worlds I create as I do with the books that I read. Sadly, I know it doesn't always work that way. To me gender doesn't matter nor does ethnicity. As far as age is concerned my current book(s) are not meant for those under age. Mainly due to some of the graphic scenes in my book. I think my audience will be readers just like me who enjoy getting lost in new and exciting worlds.
As an up and coming young African American female author what kind of support do you feel you have from your peers, friends and family? What kind of support would you offer to woman of color?
Support...huh... well for me some people wont like the answer to this question. As much as I support others I fell that because I am not writing or doing something that falls into the category of stereotypes I don't have the support from my friends and family that I should have. In fact there are many of my "friends" that I have asked to read my book and of course they say they will but when push comes to shove and have to actually read it I hear more excuses then I care to hear. So from people like them I have learned to expect nothing. However, there are those who have read my book and helped me through this process and continue to be by my side, even with coming up with these questions. I draw my strength from them and anyone who was kind enough to read my book. Each time I see a new review or a new download it encourages to keep on writing.. That there are people out there waiting for me to finish or come out with a new journey and characters for them to fall in love with. The faith I have in myself and from my fans keep me going.

What I would say to any writer, especially one coming from a urban background like mine, is that when you are writing something that doesn't fall in into the category that others in your community think you are doing, and you become discouraged you have to remain true to yourself and motivate your own actions. Believe in yourself first and everything else will fall into place. And if you loose people you thought were with you don't worry about it. It just means they were never meant to reach the level that you are going to reach.

But I am truly thankful to all my fans and those that have supported me.
For you, what is the hardest part of writing a book? And do your books have any connection to your personal life?
The hardest part of writing a book for me besides the editing process is remembering what I said my characters looked like in the beginning of the book as the story continues. Editing comes in a close second. Not really because it is hard but extremely tedious and time consuming. But it is definitely a necessary evil. As far as my books being connected to my personal life....hummm I would say no, not in an apparent way. But the relationships my characters have with each other and the world around them comes from my observation of people around me...I wish some tall and handsome man from my dreams would appear and whisk me away to new worlds. .
Speaking of would you describe your book(s)?
Lets see I would describe my books as imaginative and creative. Sexy and sometimes violent but definitely entertaining. The story lines and backgrounds of my characters are complex and often times they mix and intertwine with the events and sub characters around them. I would say my books are entertaining. A way for the reader to escape into a new world like I so often do when I get pulled into books. My goal is to is to always keep the reader guessing. To have them on the edge of their seats even after the book has ended. I don't ever want my readers to be able to predict what is going to happen next or how a book will end. Half the time when I am writing I have no idea what is going to happen in the story or how it is going to end. I know the ending when I am writing it. So I guess I would describe my book(s) as an unpredictable journey into wild and sexy worlds. Where the only limitations are the ones set in the readers mind.
Are there any authors that you believe your writing style is similar too? Have there been any authors who have influenced your writing style?
Do I think there are any authors that have a similar writing style to mine...No, I don't. What I mean by that is that I believe that each and every author or writer has their own unique way of writing. Their own voice that shows their different and varied personalities. I think that me and any other author have many things in common with descriptions and detail. Such as some authors use a lot of complex and lengthy details in their writing while other focus more on the development of the characters and their relationships. But the way the author writes and put together events and scenes are unique to that individual author. That is why I don't believe anyone is similar to my writing style nor am I similar to anyone else.

Yes, there are authors who have influenced and helped me develop as a writer. Such as Sherrilyn Kenyon,whose characters are gripping and you have no choice but to let them pull you into their world. Or J.R Ward whose Black Dagger Brotherhood series if filled with moving and inspiring characters. And G.A. Akin Dragon kin series that makes me laugh out loud with each book. Gena Showalter and Larissa Ione are amazing writers as well. I can go on and on about the amazing author I have read and learned something from but then I will be here forever. Each and everyone of their books have helped me develop my own voice. My goal is to become a talented and wonderful as these authors and maybe one day do a collaboration with some of them...that would be awesome.
Eternal Light has a lot of interesting you remember the first time you heard your characters voices? Who spoke to you first? What inspired them?
Actually Radien came to me in a dream. He appeared to me in his hound form. This giant black three headed dog shooting lighting into the sky. The moment I woke up I had to tell his story. Now the ending and the story itself is not what I originally planned it to be. But I guess you can say he opened the way for all my other characters. I can say I owe all my future success to Radien and God. Now there seems to be an never ending flood of characters speaking to me.
It's an unspoken rule that there's a specific character/characters that represents the author...Is there one or more characters that represent you or various parts of your personality?
All my characters represent a side or a piece of me. But in Eternal Light I'll admit that Melody is the character most like me for that story. However, her sisters and Radien's mother also hold pieces of my personality. A lot of my feelings towards men, family, and an ever changing world is reflecting in my characters.
Some of your characters in Eternal Light are extremely dark. Do they reflect an alternate side of you? An alter ego?
Of course everyone has a dark side. Some more so than others. But then again if you are going to write a dark character then write a dark character, make them as bad as they can get for the story you are telling. My dark characters most of the time are not meant to be liked or sympathized with for the most part. Besides I think dark and flawed characters are the most entertaining characters. Also they are there to show and teach a lesson to the main characters. For instance, I don't know if I am about to give away a spoiler or not but here it goes. Like I was saying Radien is a very angry character who lets his emotions get the better of him every time he gets involved in a fight with Iraon. Though the fights between the two often turn gruesome and Radien is usually the loser the two are evenly matched in strength and power. However Iraon is able to best Radien because Iraon feeds off of anger which Radien has plenty of. Therefore Radien is constantly empowering Iraon. There is a saying that you should never go into battle or a fight with anger in your heart because it causes you to make stupid mistakes giving your opponent the upper hand. So until Radien can learn to fight with a clear head and calmly he will always lose. Basically he has to gain control over himself. If not Iraon will continue to kick his butt all over the place. I believe that dark/evil characters force the main or so called good characters to face sides of themselves that they otherwise deny or push to the side. Testing them to see if they can be broken. Because no character is purely good, not even children who are often used as tools for evil forces. Its like Ying and Yang.
Eternal Light you seem to have some pretty hot guys running around...Out of all the male characters who is your favorite? Which one of the brothers is closest to your ideal man?
My favorite character actually hasn't been introduced yet. But he is definitely worth the wait. As far as the brothers go I can't really pick which one is my ideal because I love them all. Radien has the strength and power I would like my ideal man to have, Adien has the looks and charm, while Jaden (who everyone hasn't really met yet) has the fire and passion I like. So I can't pick just one. I need all three to have my ideal man
Lastly when it comes to sex/love making secens many authors shy away from the use of graphic deatils. However in Eternal Light the love making scenes between the characters are intense. Do you worry that some of your scenes might be too explicit?
No, I don't. When I am writing a love making scene or even a brutal rape scene my goal is to capture the essence of the moment and the passion or feelings of the characters involved. My motto is if you are going to do something then do it to the best of your ability. If you are going to write a sex scene then write a sex scene. There is nothing worse than a half ass sex scene. In the real world sex is not something sugar coated but extremely explicit. That's why my books are not for young adults or children. I also think that depending on the content of the book and what type of book it is a raunchy sex scene might be necessary over a nice love making scene. It all depends on the writer and the way they craft the scene and everything else. Like I said as a writer you have to be able to convey the passion between the characters. I mean you have built up and worked so hard to finally get these two characters together that nothing but a steamy sex scene will do. Scenes such as rape scenes there is no way not to make that graphic because the act of raping is one of the most violent and explicit things in the human world. Bottom line is if you going to write a sex scene write one and don't e scared of making it explicit, just not too vulgar. Unless the book calls for it. Don't be scared to get a little down and dirty. It really is fun. A favorite author of mine that writes great sex scenes in my opinion is Larissa Ione. Passionate and excellently written she helps me stay true to my writing of sex scenes because she isn't afraid to get a little graphic.
Published 2013-10-19.
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