Interview with Lindsey Cowherd

When did you first start writing?
I started writing in fourth grade...or at least my first "novel"; it was one hundred pages. I thought it was quite a feat back then! My first two books, the Crystals of Syre and the Assassins' Guild: The Cost of Redemption, I started when I was fifteen. I stopped the Assassins' Guild to go back and write the back story Visions of a Torn Land. It felt like something I needed to do. I completed that book while still in acupuncture school....Christmas of 2012. I celebrated that book's completion more than any other... the Assassins' Guild books are my "babies", the ones I was more reluctant to share...
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes! I was convinced I was going to be a jockey (horse racing) when I grew up, so around age 10 my obsession was with all things Kentucky Derby-like. My first book was about a race horse. Black, of course! I had a full series planned out. Actually, I think I did pretty well considering my age...maybe I should look into a children's series like that again...uh, or not.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Writing is my place. I can create anything I want and control it all. Where else do you get this kind of power? Creating scenes that are vivid and capture locations I live(-ed) in or have visited is especially gratifying. If i can help others imagine these places, then I can help them travel there. Figuratively.

A lot of my books seem to write themselves. If I capture a character just right then it seems the scenes I want to create for them start popping up everywhere--and I mean everywhere! Many nights I have had to turn the lights back on to write another note. Thankfully, this has yet to cause problems in my relationship or career! I love it when my imagination takes me directions I hadn't thought to go. Sometimes, I even impress myself.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I was lucky to grow up with animals: horse, dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks...and to live so close to the mountains and beautiful spaces. These two areas of my life have really influenced my scenes in books and my experiences in life.

I've always loved to write; it was my way of getting through life....when there are lemons, you can always write! Right? Though I didn't pursue writing in college, I never stopped. I completed a Master's in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine in 2010, so my focus has been more on my career than writing; however, I have always found time to delve back into the worlds I have created. They are my own that I can control and mold any way I want and a lovely way to end a busy day at the office!
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Horses, horses, and more horses. Well, okay that's not all true. I spend four days of my week working as an acupuncturist. And just so you don't get the wrong idea: I do love my job!!! I get to make people feel better without needing all those drugs and surgeries. I'm grateful to be in such a fulfilling career. Yet, horses have been in my life since before I could walk. I do get to see my horses daily so that's a plus. Life is about balance, and I do try to accomplish that.
Who are your favorite authors?
Wow, this may take awhile....I love C.J. Cherryh. Her Fortress series has been on my book shelf the longest and I re-read the books over and over again without ever getting bored. Curt Benjamin would be a close second (if you haven't read his Prince of Shadows book and series you are missing out!). Others like Jane Lindskold, Robin Hobb, and Cassandra Clare have always whetted my fantasy or supernatural yearnings. Kevin J Anderson's The Saga of Seven Suns occupied most of my late teenage years. I've moved over into romance the last couple of Amity Lassiter, Darynda Jones, and Laurell K. Hamilton; to cater to my cowboy and supernatural interests, with a little love thrown in. I know there are a LOT of other authors but these are most definitely represented on my shelf!
What motivated you to become an indie author?
As I'm sure other people feel, I thought publishing was daunting. I just loved to write and wanted to share it others, but the rest of it--whew! If even one or two people read my stories and fall in love with the characters then I am happy. That is what writing (and reading) is about for me.
What do your fans mean to you?
I love it when fans love my characters as much as I do. Its gratifying to have someone say, "so, when is the next book coming out? When, when?!" It keeps me writing and enjoying it. Without that it's just one lone woman stuck in her head! Writing is meant to be shared, or, at least, I think so. So, if you love what I do, I would love to hear about it!
What's the story behind your latest book?
The story behind My Texas, well...that book was a little romance story that I felt an itching to write "just 'cause". I kept having this theme come up in my thoughts and dreams of a horse that had been abused, found, and rescued by a woman who heals horses. So, this started my story. It evolved on its own...I didn't outline it at all; the pages seemed to write themselves.

I had a lot of fun writing it, too, which I think is important. I had never tried to write a romance story before but thought that a cowboy-themed story would be right up my alley, horses and sexy cowboys and all.
What are you working on next?
I'm working on the next book in The Crystals of Syre series. If I could write as fast as my brain goes I would have been done like yesterday, but life doesn't work that way. I have also been tossing around another cowboy romance book, so if there is enough interest maybe that one will write itself, too.
Published 2019-05-03.
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