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Visibly Reduced Cellulite In 21 Days
Aphrodite you represent 3 favorites against cellulite - choose your!
In cosmetics Aphrodite, with the help of natural active ingredients, successfully winning cellulite for 40 years. This spring offer you revamped line of Anti-cellulite with which you'll reduce cellulite after just 21 days, increase the breakdown of fat and improve skin tone

Based on measurable results and experiences of numerous satisfied consumers' this spring Aphrodite Cosmetics is offering revamped line of Anti-cellulite with proven visible results:

Visibly reduced cellulite after just 21 days of use *
Increased breakdown of fat in fat cells ** and preservation of beautiful tall
Visibly improved skin tone, tightness and smoothness of the skin *

* 45 women self-assessment, in vitro test **
Cecropia Power + Gel for cellulite reduction 3 in 1 - new
With a pronounced cooling effect on the skin easily and clearly solves the problem of cellulite. A light, non-greasy texture is quickly absorbed into the skin and acts innovative combination of natural ingredients cekropia, Niacin amide, and tiger grass, barbed Broom and pitted red grapes. Due to intense cooling effect pleasant effect on blood circulation, reduces fatigue and feeling swollen, tired legs.

Cecropia is known as the 'Tree of slenderness' of the Amazon rainforest. It has great diuretic effect and has long been used in traditional medicine.

Garcia strong cream to reduce cellulite 3 in 1

With the powerful effect of heating on the skin, removes the most stubborn cellulite, stimulates drainage of water and toxins from the skin and shapes the body. The cream absorbs quickly into the skin and works with an innovative combination of natural ingredients Garcia and orange essential oil. Visibly increases smoothness and firmness. It is recommended to combat stubborn cellulite and anyone who fits the feeling of heat on the skin.

Garcia Cambodia - wonderful fruit in the form of weights, which is highly acclaimed and proven effective in the production of dietetic food products. Extract Garcia blocking an enzyme that participates in the formation of fat from carbohydrates.
Published 2014-09-03.
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