Interview with Chris Turner

How many books have you written?
Two books.
What are the names of your books?
My first book was my autobiography called: "Life is...but a memory".
My second book is a short novel called: "I just want to be loved".
Do you have other books that you want to write?
Yes, I'm looking forward to turning my autobiography into a novel at some point.
I will also be writing an anthology of poems.
Maybe next year, time permitting, I will write a science fiction book called: "The Invasion of the Ingroids"
You say an anthology of poems. So you write poetry too?
Yes I do, that's how I started my writing career.
When did you start writing poems?
I started back in 1991.
Can you remember your very first poem?
Yes I can, it's the same title as my novel. "I just want to be loved".
What inspired you to write a poem?
I was visiting a downtown mission in Edmonton and I saw how the street people were living.
The next day, I prayed and said, Lord, how do these people end up on the street?
Then I started to pen the words together.
Do you write anything other than books or poetry?
Yes I do. As a lyricist and musician, I write my own songs.
What types of songs do you write?
I write about real life.
So what inspires you to write songs?
When I see different situations, how people live and the struggles that they face.
What genre would you say you like?
I think I'm mostly folk or country. I write the odd rocky song, as this is what I mostly grew up with.
Do you play an instrument?
I play six and twelve string acoustic guitar and I have a couple of electric guitars.
I also dabble with the accordion and keyboard. Though, I'm only a one handed keyboard player.
Mostly playing by ear. Been doing it this way since I was young.
Do you write your own music?
I don't read music, but I do create my own chords to the songs and music that I create.
Could you give me an example on how you write a song?
Sure. It's very easy. One day I was at work, a guy kept showing me pictures on his cell phone about places he had been in his life.
Most times when he would talk to me about the past he would say, "Let me show you a picture" and he would pull out his cell phone and show me a picture.
I went home home and wrote the song "Let me show you a picture". It's a nice song too.
Do you aspire to be a full time musician one day?
Not really. My goal in life, is to have fun with the music that I write.
Though I wouldn't mind writing songs for other musicians.
Is there any other type of writing that you enjoy?
I've always liked the idea of writing articles for magazines or journals.
Some of my songs and poems are related to aging and dementia etc.
I think they would make good reading in those types of publications.
If you have any spare time, do you like doing other things?
Yes, I love cooking and baking. We like to have friends over for dinner now and then.
This way, I can use my culinary skills that I've learned over the years..
I've been cooking since I was very young.
You seem to be very talented. Is there anything else we haven't touched on besides writing.
In my spare time I enjoy making wood crafts and plaster crafts.
I've been around tools and heavy machinery for many years.
So I guess you write all your books with a computer program?
Yes, mostly Microsoft Word. In the past I've also built my own websites.
Nothing too complicated, basically drag and drop with a web program that I have.
I love your book cover designs. Are they from your childhood?
My autobiography is from my home town of Gourock Scotland.
The picture on my novel, is a street person that I knew from Scotland too.
When do you find time to write?
Mostly when I'm out and about. Depending on what I see round about me, It can easily turn into a song.
Published 2016-01-06.
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