Interview with Jonathan White

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes... it was super cringy... I was around ten and had just discovered the Legend of Zelda games, so I wrote about a story that took place in a fictional world. It was ruled by an evil sorcerer named Vanildorst(totally not inspired by Ganondorf). There was a resistance faction and the main character was in it. I even had a character named Linkren(totally wasn't copyright infringement). Even if it may not sound super cringy, trust me, it was. Fortunately, I gave up on it before I became too engrossed in the story.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Well, there's two main reasons why I began writing A Hero's Hope. I've read many Minecraft fan-made novels, and to be honest, I've been really disappointed. Mark Cheverton is the only Minecraft author whose books left me wanting to buy the next book. Now, I'm not saying that all other Minecraft authors are horrible, they just don't appeal to me personally. I decided that I wanted to write a Minecraft story that would show people that Minecraft books can be amazing, not sappy and lame. The second and main reason is because I wanted to give back to the community. The past several years since I discovered the game have been amazing. But it was once I finally got the courage to go onto multi-player servers that I really found the joy in life. I'm not good with people in real life, I'm very antisocial as an individual. But I made so many friends online over the years, and it's been wonderful. This book series is my way of repaying my friends and the community.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I'd have to say that living with the knowledge that I have created a story universe that seems as though it could actually exist alongside our world!
Who is your favorite author?
Rick Riordan for sure.
What do you read for pleasure?
I haven't read, like, actual books from actual authors other than Mark Cheverton in a while, but I do enjoy a good adventure novel.
Describe your desk
The world is my desk. I basically write whenever I feel inspired, whether at home while watching TV(not a good idea btw) or in the middle of class(not a good idea either btw)
When did you first start writing?
I first started writing back in elementary school. Though the book I was writing turned out really cheesy, and so I abandoned it(it was the first story I had ever attempted to write in my free time). I first started writing A Hero's Hope back in March, 2013. Yes, four years ago. I actually finished the book series, but I'm now rewriting it because it has gone through so many changes that if you read the original drafts of my first three books, it'd be nearly unrecognizable. Not to mention that I wasn't nearly as good at writing back then as I am now.
Isn't Joey the pig a rip-off of Reuben from Minecraft: Story Mode?
Well... yes and no. I admit I did get inspired to give Steve a pig buddy because of Story Mode. But at the same time, I often see pictures of Steve with a pig companion in Minecraft pictures and videos. It seems that if I were to add any kind of animal into the story as a companion, there would be none better than a pig! Of course, I try to make Joey different from Jesse's pig, Reuben, as much as possible. Plus, the idea of a pig buddy is a lot better than my initial companion for Steve-a baby zombie pigman named Goldy...
Although it is obvious that despite my best efforts, they are pretty similar, there are some things that make them very different as well. For one, Rueben is a young pig, you can tell by his head-to-body ratio. It's between the stages of a baby pig and an adult. Joey, however, is a full-grown pig, and is somewhat more courageous. Now, I won't deny that Reuben is portrayed as being brave at times as well, but Joey is willing to take on mobs at times to protect his friend. This is shown in one scene in my first book when he along with a wolf try to take down an enderman-perhaps the toughest mob of the Overworld at that point in time. Being full-grown, he's also pretty heavy, and so he is able to perform tackles that often save Steve by launching mobs that are all over him away. There are also other points in the storyline where I plan to showcase Joey's characteristics, including his bravery.
How do you approach cover design?
I do one of two things: If I have yet to write the book, I come up with a scene that I want to include in the book, then I put it down on a paper drawing. If I have written the book, then I think about everything that happens in the book, and I pick out a scene from there. Overall, I'd say I'm fairly good at drawing, especially Minecraft designs, so I design most of my artwork.
Why don't you have a cover on your book, when almost everyone else on Smashwords has one?
Well, I believe in the Don't-Judge-A-Book-By-Its-Cover concept, so that is a big reason as to why I don't have a cover on my book. I do have a cover design for it, but I have yet to produce it on a computer, so that's another reason. I probably will add the cover to the book at some point, but I currently don't have any plans to do so before the release of my second book.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
By watching TV, playing video games, watching videos on YouTube, or playing on my favorite Minecraft server. I live a gamer's life yo
What is your writing process?
I just write whenever I got inspired. I have a timeline mapping out the entire story's universe, but it's not 100% complete(it's more like 70%). I want to complete it, so I constantly brainstorm ideas. If I have an amazing idea or revelation, I want to write. This helped me especially when writing A Hero's Hope for the first time.
You said you have a timeline?
Yes, I have an incredibly large timeline that includes the story of A Hero's Hope. I have actually made a mathematic equation that I am able to use to tell me exactly how old the oldest world ever made would be. Today, if Minecraftia was real, it would be almost eight hundred years old! Now, A Hero's Hope doesn't take place at the end of the timeline, it currently takes place around the 672th year. This means that it doesn't take place during the current update(which would be 1.12), rather, it takes place during the Combat Update(1.9). I also have more book series planned out that have their own places on the timeline too! Many more, writing these books will be something I'll be doing for years.
What are you working on next?
I intend to get back to working on my next book soon. I'm probably just going to take a month break this time. Book Three will most likely be released before 2019.
Published 2018-07-28.
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