Interview with Melissa Merkler

How do you approach cover design?
I believe the cover is truly "judged" by potential readers. Since ebooks can't be touched and fingered by a buyer, the cover must be captivating and make the reader want it now.

My cover design process is a culmination of story, author ideas and my own creativity. I also research the best sellers lists to see what is hot right now.
Describe your desk
If you are in need of something then most likely it is either on, under or within arm's reach of my desk. I live at my desk. And when I'm away I'm thinking about it. Radio, pens, paper, craft supplies and other miscellaneous items encompass my computers. Some days I have to pre-clean before I start a project to make room for a clear slate to begin again.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I don't believe where I grew up influenced my writing. If anything, it probably made me dig deeper into my psyche and try to imagine my way out of such a small hick town. I grew up in Ocoee (O-coy), Florida. It was one of those towns where people said, "I'm from Orlando," because they were ashamed to admit they came from such a country town. Today, though, with the new highways, fancy houses and multiple shopping malls, it's now pronounced O-co-EE with a little bit of the nose turning up at the sound of the double E.
When did you first start writing?
I think a better question might be, "When aren't you writing or editing something written by others?" I can recall my passion for writing going back to seventh grade. I had a specific English teacher that took interest in her students and especially me. She is a Facebook friend 20 years later.
Published 2014-05-11.
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