Interview with Steven J. Charbonneau

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I was not a writer by vocation, but I had a story that needed to be told. Having sent a few hundred proposals (queries) to agents, I was thrilled to receive a handful of positive responses. However, I came to the conclusion that in order to preserve the complete story for posterity, the avenue to maintain control of the subject matter and editing was by independently publishing my work. In this manner I was able to preserve the entire story, all the facts, information and secrets that may have ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor.
The main subject matter you write about is a lost Inca treasure in Ecuador, do you really believe the treasure exists?
Absolutely! It is beyond question that the Incas possessed great quantities of gold, silver and precious gems. Portions of this massive wealth being hidden from the Spanish at the time of the conquest was mere legend. My books on the topic begin with this legend and focus on two others, legends of the treasures discovery and partial recovery! Historical facts and research brought me to the conclusion that these legends are based in fact. When combined with the discoveries and secrets of world renowned treasure hunter Eugen Brunner, there is no question in my mind that the treasure exists, that small portions have already been recovered, and that it rests in a cave on a mountain in Ecuador. My books should bring the reader to these same conclusions. The question that remains is one that will not be answered until the treasure is recovered. How large is the treasure deposit . . . estimates range from twenty to seven hundred fifty tons!
Published 2016-09-01.
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