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Can you tell us more about your books What are they about?
Low Level Laser Therapy for Physical Therapists - Skills Development
Low Level Laser therapy is an original science that has vast applications in physical
therapy, medicine, beauty and alternative medicine. It is unique in its potential to
target recovery through the genetic potential. It has the capacity to reduce
downtime of recovery, especially in sports rehabilitation and pain management.
SPORTS MASSAGE: In Spa therapies framework
Sports massage takes many years to study. This book is a fast track, for
professionals needing to multi task or improve their skills in massage practice. It
provides a means to follow existing structures of diagnosis and correction whilst
minimizing error.
Shiatsu. Skills development: Spa therapies framework
Shiatsu is a living tradition of a spiritual lineage in massage therapy. It is
empowered by Zen, which is a lifestyle and practise to follow the doctrines of the
enlightened sages that wrote the classics of medicine. This boo conforms to
competencies listed in the Occupational standards for best practise in the modern
Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any
particular market?
I think many people have to be re-educated, if they are unwell or in problems and
need self support. People in yoga and meditation would be drawn to this book.
What are the benefits of Sports massage, laser therapy and Shiatsu?
These are drugless therapies based on CAM (complementary and alternative
medicine) under WHO auspices. They are manual and energy based, and deliver
results safely, in real-time. The management of pain, oedema, focus, energy and
equilibrium for effective physical performance are supported by these therapies.
Would you be willing to share some of the techniques or exercises someone
could do easily at home?
All books are organized to enhance self-improvement and are designed with the
scope of self-support through its technical, illustrative descriptions.
Alongside your three books do you have any other books, or plans to write
I am currently writing a book on PNF stretches that is near complete.
Tell us more about you? What is your background I understand you have a
PhD.? what do you do when you are not writing?
I have worked and lived in China and USA, but India is a limited region. I have been
given the authority to develop skills and education in this region. My life has covered
engagement with many countries and accredited systems as WHO, ISTE, NAALT.
ISLA, WALT, ISO, IAO and NOS. These are technical systems for compliance based
writing. I research, attend seminars, give continuing medical education, teach and
sometimes treat clients.
If you were not able to write, is there any other medium that you would use,
and why?
I like Canva and Easelly, infographics, prezis, powtoons and sometimes videos.
What was your interest and inspiration on taking this course in life? You must have
devoted a lot of time in your education to become so knowledgeable about these
Do you practice the techniques that you have written about? Do you have a
clinic or practice where people can go to have these treatments done?
Yes I have a clinic and am able to spend short terms in hospitals if I am free.
However the medical community dominate the industry and often prevent client
Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a
way to be contacted?
My authors page on Amazon is well
I have an academy in
My website is
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Published 2016-08-05.
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