Interview with Marie Black

Every adventure has a starting point, what motivates Josephina to seek out the Honeycomb Bridge, time travel and learn good magic?
The music pulls her to meet Isaiah on the Bridge. They’ve been accepted at Adonai’s Magi Academy, traveling between worlds with Angels is a great motivator.
There is a spiritual element woven with vivid paintings drawing readers into the scriptures, which become keys to open Gates of Light. Where did the foundation for the magic education come from?
Throughout all religions the foundation is the One God, Creator. His name in this novel is Adonai, the Mighty Wizard; it is through the teachings about how He actually created the visible universe this story is modeled.
The heroine is eleven and quite adventurous, escaping the orphanage frequently (via the Bridge) to be with other young apprentices in the Academy. What influences her to be so fearless?
She is shown destiny as a Prophetess (Magi) and the Angels are always leading and protecting. Her character is rooted in the prophecies of an End Times Prophetess, who is one of Two Prophets (Magi) who will walk the Earth with great power; found in Isaiah 8, Revelation 11 and 12.
Unlock the Codes - Bible Codes support the story of Isaiah and Josephina, they find the Ark of the Covenant in the future and join Michael’s Army, who protects the good and fights the seven headed dragon. What’s the point of such a fairytale?
There are many scriptures which support this tale; Isaiah 8 foretells a Prophetess, the same woman and child clearly shown in Revelation 12, and in Genesis she is the one who pours the water in the beginning. Michael’s Army of Revelation 12 flies in unbeatable giant spaceships, and brings Adonai’s Judgments to planets across the Universe, using the Ark’s power. The point is good magic was used to create our world; wouldn’t it be fun to see how that power can bring such victory to the orphans?
The roles of several strong women in history, uncovered when traveling through the nine secret Gates of Light, support a society of equality between all humans. What references lead to these views?
Mary Magdalene makes an appearance in Josephina’s magic mirror and clarifies her role as King Immanuel’s “Beloved Disciple,” Mahdi the Ancient Mother. Barbelo, Athena, and Shekina are examples describing the
Queen of Heaven, who is destined to return at the time leading into the New Kingdom, where Adonai’s Army returns as a mighty force. The Magdalene Collection includes numerous teachings (keys) for the basis of her lifeline; discovered with the guidance of the Twenty-four Elders and Sons of Adonai who bring the gold and silver keys.
Published 2013-08-29.
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