Interview with Cosmic Legends

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I like to write and for the longest time I wrote stories to amuse myself.

I got into fanfic for Star Wars and Transformers and submitted stories to various fanzines which actually resulted in a few letters from people who enjoyed my writing.

I'd like to think that my current work is far superior to the fanfic.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
It has opened up multiple venues for my works to be seen and purchased from.
What is your writing process?
I get an idea and just start writing. I'll do some research or basic plot mapping, but usually I just write and see what I end up with. Usually something disjointed and very bare bones. I then go over the skeleton several times, adding details and fleshing the plot. It takes a while to find the right voice for each character.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Some really terrible Star Wars fanfic...
What do your fans mean to you?
It's a huge thrill to know that someone is enjoying reading my work. A complete stranger chose to spend an hour or two entering one of my imaginary worlds and hopefully will want to visit again.
What are you working on next?
A space opera of epic scale. I envision it to be 10 volumes in total.

The Terran Dominion was born when Humanity overthrew its alien enslavers and used captured technology to spread into the stars, conquering other worlds and species in the name of safety and preservation. Now they control more than a hundred worlds, with a decadent noble class ruling all.
The Ra-Pere control a Union of races in services to the Living Gods. Natural telepaths, the Ra-Pere seek to guide all other races into a strictly regimented society where each being knows his place and strives to further the cause of order.
Both empires hate and despise the other's very existence and way of life. War is coming and the fate of the galaxy will be shaped.
Who are your favorite authors?
HP Lovecraft. Robert Jordan. Brandon Sanderson. Hideyuki Kikuchi. Timothy Zahn. George RR Martin.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Recommendations from friends. Good reviews online. Interesting covers.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Gardening in my yard, biking through the city, and baking. Yeah, baking to relax is definitely one of my things.

I also spend a lot of time helping my partner with his own small business. He builds rocking chairs and sells them via his website -- offyourrocker
How do you approach cover design?
I try to find an image suitable for the book. The right embodiment of a character, a location from the story, etc. I hate misleading or pretty but meaningless artwork.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Lord of the Rings -- the first great fantasy novel.

Wheel of Time series. A major source of enjoyment over the years.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. One of my first books, a gift from a favourite aunt.

The Order of the Stick series -- hilarious characters and situations. A great plot with compelling characters and a skewed outlook.
What do you read for pleasure?
Fantasy, sci-fi, some horror, the odd mystery.
Describe your desk
Homemade by my partner from pine. Blue top with natural legs. One drawer over the shelf where I keep the computer harddrive. A hutch on top to hold my monitor. Speakers on either side of the hutch for music. The monitor is flanked by a Megatron Xmas ornament, an R2-D2 flashdrive, a mini of General Grevious, and a statuette of a Nazgul riding a Fellbeast.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
Blackberry playbook, then a Gen1 Kobo.
Published 2015-05-19.
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