Interview with Maura Stone

Why should readers PAY for your books? Don't they get it for FREE on your blog and hubpage?
Gee, what a very intuitive question. My blog and my hubpage are my writing exercises. Like a concert pianist who practices scales and passages endlessly to perfect technique, that's precisely what I do where readers get my exercises for free. But my books, well, those are well-crafted romps of fun, laughter, woven for the best adventure possible.
What's the theme underlying your writing?
Ah. A hard question. Who makes these questions up? I have an intolerance towards stupidity, greed and arrogance. Sadly, you can't find one without its friends to back it up. I also tend to see absurdity in things people take for granted. In other words, I'm the person who goes around saying, "The Emperor is Nekkid." Even so, I like to have a good laugh because most of the time you can't beat City Hall. But when you do, ahhhh, that's the joy in life.
Why do you write so much porn in your blog?
First off, I do NOT write porn. I write ABOUT porn and definitely NOT to titillate. My attitude is that we're all adults and sex is wired into who we are. It’s not wrong, it’s not bad. It’s just sex. And, it’s so much fun to write.
Published 2014-05-16.
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