Interview with Miguel D'Addario

Published 2017-06-01.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes. When I was about 14 I began to write some philosophical notes about human evolution. They were Darwinian conjectures, about the creationist idea or the evolutionary idea. Also, in parallel, I wrote songs that we played in a band at the school. I didn’t think that I could ever publish a book; it was simply for the pleasure of discerning scientific ideas.
What is your writing process?
Writing is a way of acting and being. First you have to live a situation, feel an emotion and think about it. If it’s something important you will have a deeper brand. Then it’s necessary to remember this event, to begin to turn that experience into a story, be it poetic, novel or even an academic instructive. It’s fundamental to give it a meaning, a plot, and an outcome. One writes anywhere and part of the planet. Always thinking that someone will read the manifested and that maybe it produces satisfaction or rejection. The writing leaves an imprint if it has a teaching character and if it were a poem, it may leave a reflection.
What do you read for pleasure?
Reading is very important in the life of a human. His evolution as a person, his intellectual and emotional development and his attitudes, are related to what he understands when reading. Imagination is fundamental when reading; it’s not possible to understand a text without imagining. In spite of the people who buy books to take to walk them. Personally I read poetry, stories, textbooks; Either in Spanish, Italian or English. The original language is important to better understand an author. I could never stop reading, since I can do it, I read.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Someone said that every day you have to create it. That is true of writing. Each sentence must be created day by day, moment by moment. You have to think that a creative always creates. It means that it’s like lighting the sun every day, waking up, getting up and starting every time. I am inspired by the possibility of new ideas, new readers, and new people. When there is so much to say, methods, forms are important. Because repetition bores, tires, and leaves no room for new literary creations.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
In adolescence came a book called "The Third Eye" by Lobsang Rampa. Although it was like reading a fantasy genre, it had a lot of influence on my vision of the mystical plane. It is a particular work, a different way of knowing the awakening in the culture of India.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
For me to write is to create. It’s a tool, a communication resource, to say what I want to convey. Surely many who write are happy when they publish their works; Although I think the most important thing isn’t that act of publication, but the whole process, and every moment is a joy, the possibility of creation, the final layout, its cover, the publication and sale of the work. But surely it produces joy to know that someone enjoyed or took advantage of the book, or discovered relevant details that the author used to compensate his work. The joy of writing is in the act of writing.
What are you working on next?
I’m currently working on a poetry collection. A strange book because it is born of contact with a follower of social networks, who without knowing me tells me a personal and deep story. A story of death and love. I interpreted that encounter as an angel who came to tell me something, and to leave me a message. I simply came to a conclusion and said: "It is through pain through which light or darkness penetrates"; She answered something and I never heard of her again. And that's why I decided to call this book: "An angel in my portal".
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
I personally have gone through all forms of sales. From the most traditional to the most updated. My first book I paid for myself and the copies I sold took a long time. However that first book today is in many universities and even in the Library of Harvard and the Congress of the United States of America. I in my conferences related to book publishing I propose that authors publish in all possible ways and ways. I am aware that there are countries that prevent their authors from being able to easily publish their works, as there are others that give a lot of publishing facilities. In the first the authors are discouraged and even stop writing, and in the second there is a publication surplus. Every book is possible to sell, and every writer, regardless of its theme or quality, will have its reader agree. And also if someone writes is an author even if he doesn’t publish his works. There are many examples about it. Perseverance and patience will be important in achieving sales goals. It is also important to be self-critical and to change methods. And lastly, make yourself known in social networks and shop windows everywhere.
What’s the future of the book and the authors?
The future will be different, everything we know today will disappear. Reading will be very easy and every book will be digitized. We can read books in holographic projections that will be made from the mobile phone itself. The paper will be in museums, and where more can be used in school texts. Publishing will be very easy and the price of digital books will be very economical, where all people will have access to them. Digital libraries, digitized centers, automated and digitized newsstands, bookstores on the phones and in all schools there will be specialized places to read. The authors will be many more than today, just as a person with a mobile is a potential reporter, anyone who knows how to write can publish as much as today videos are published on social networks. The future will be different, but what will not change in the authors will be the creation, the act of creation.
Your message to new authors
The most important thing is not to fall and never stop publishing. Make yourself known in a thousand ways and not believe in magic recipes. Feel the writing as something inherent to each one. There are no signs or lights or anyone who knows what happens after a book is published. Neither be undecided when it comes to publishing, just throw it on the market and it's fine. Patience, constancy and continue to create, there is no more recipe. Be careful with the speculators on duty and do not be fooled by castles and wonderful promises. Write, publish and write back, beyond the results.
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