Interview with Minh Siu

My God, your stuff is dirty! Why do you--
Why wouldn't I? An interviewer once asked Woody Allen if he thinks sex is dirty. He replied "Only if it's done properly." I agree!
But really! Don't you have any aspirations to--
None whatsoever. I'm well to do, happy, and secure in Southern California. I like to read porn, so I write what I like to read.
The picture in your profile is utterly gorgeous. Is it really--
Of course not. Considering what I write, I'd have to be an idiot. But she is pretty, isn't she? I can't help wondering what's under her dress and what she likes to do with it. I know what *I'd* like to do with it.
This is an act, isn't it? No one could possibly be as sexual as--
Oh, please. You've clearly been hanging out in the wrong places. If I were to tell you only what I've been doing as I filled out this interview, it would cost ten years off your life.
Do you plan ever to let me finish a question?
Sure. You finished that one, didn't you? Just don't make it easy for me. I hate that.
All right, all right! There's plenty of porn in the world. Why do you feel you have to write more?
Yes, there's plenty of porn, but most of it is awful. That's especially true of "women's erotica." It's almost all poorly written, poorly characterized, without a theme, and overall a waste of reading time and vaginal secretions. So I figured I'd see if I could raise the standards of the sub-genre. Lube 'em up a little, so to speak.
That's awfully ambitious for someone as young as you, don't you think?
"If you aim high, you can't shoot yourself in the foot." -- Phyllis Diller. Besides, there's age, and there's ability, and there's worldly wisdom. Lack of the first does not compel a lack of the second and third.
Okay, so can you describe your overall aim, your guiding principle, as it applies
Sure. Tell good stories that say important stuff about people and their sexual relations, while simultaneously giving the reader an irresistible compulsion to run to a nice private place where he, she, or it can take down his pants and "take care of business."
Holy Mother of God, you really mean that?
Come on, hero. That was your ninth question. Did you think I was being facetious this whole time?
Well, how about telling us about your own sex life. It must be pretty colorful.
Buddy, you have no idea. I like both sexes and everything two (or more) bodies can do with, to, or at one another. I'm wet practically all the time. It makes my day job a real challenge, especially when I'm near an attractive coworker. But that's the glory of these United States of America: a supply for every demand -- and believe you me, I can **demand!**
Published 2014-10-18.
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