Interview with Mickey Douglas

What are you working on next?
My first publication was based on the very real and practical life lesson, especially when viewed from a Christian point of view. I intend to continue writing on topics and subjects that are of relevance to leading a 'christian way of life'. I am mulling the idea of writing on financial issues and its relevance in the church and its congregation. I feel the issue of finances or making money or for that matter earning a living, is not given the due importance that it deserves in our churches let alone our families. This has given rise to many conflicts, misunderstanding and ill-feelngs both in the church as well as outside it. The focus in my up coming works would be to addess this very critical issue at the level of the 'family', because this is where it all starts and slowly but surely,ends up finding its way into the larger family of the church.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Technology has made this pretty simple. Well, for starters, I log on to Smashwords dot com and in the search field appearing in the home page I type a couple of tag words and immediately the search reveals a number of choices. I scroll through the covers, titles and brief write up appearing alongside each book and the one that catches my attention, I have a quick read. Then, I also log onto Flipkart and Amazon, and in their ebook section, follow the same procedure.
What is your writing process?
For me the writing process begins with an idea or a thought that is very close to me and about which I feel very passionate. This is the starting point, because without this gut feeling, my mind goes blank and fingers get stuck on the keyboard! Next, I try and gather as much information as possible about the subject. Here I talk to people and ask them how they feel about that particular subject, read and surf the net so that my kitty of information is well stocked. After having done this, I usually start typing out content, keeping in mind introduction, the main body and the conclusion of the article/story. Having completed the draft, I do all the formatting that is required to make the write up look professional and let it rest for a couple of days. Come back, give it another read, ask my wife to go through it once, corrections if any are made and the writing is completed.
How do you approach cover design?
The cover design for my books have to reflect the subject matter. It must have visual impact. But this does not mean that my cover should be a kaleidoscope of images and text! For me, what works best is that I visualize an image and sit with the designer and talk him through my idea. Once my idea of a cover design is being put to format, it a continuous process of addition and deletion. The one thing that I make sure about my cover design is that it must not srceam at the reader. The title has to appear crystal clear to the eye. I believe in the adage - 'never judge a book by its cover'.
Describe your desk
My desk is not cluttered. I have my PC, a note pad, pen and all my material on my desktop.Thats it. I believe the more stuff you have lying around your desk, the more distracted you get and lose focus. So for me, less the stuff lying around the desk the better!
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a very small town. But my writing has been influenced from my school days. Although I majored in life sciences, but English literature and prose were always close to my heart. I strongly believe that, God has blessed me with extremely good communication skills, whether verbal or the written form, and that this ability has to be directed towards the propogation of his purpose in my life.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Very soon, I will be starting work on my next book. This book will be looking at Chricrian families and financial management as per biblical principles. I feel strongly about this, because the congregation in local churches, such as ours, are not taught about what the Bible has to say about managing finances in our homes. This has been the bane of many families who find themselves in all sorts of financial problems, because they somehow miss what the Bible tells us about managing our finances at home. I sincerely hope that my book acts like a referral point as well as a practical guide to streamlining finances at home.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Different people are motivated differently. What motivated me to become an indie writer? Well the answer is pretty simple. I believe it is Gods calling to fulfill whatever purpose He has for the talents or skills with which I have been blessed. This, I believe is the platform through which I can share with my readers on an extremely large scale, many thoughts and insights on a range of topics or subjects.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Although my publisher/author status is still in an very nascent stage, but I can say with a lot of confidence, had it not been for Smashwords, my first ebook would not have materialized. I would like to equate my success here, with my ability to write, edit, format and publish my first ebook. Thats success for me at present. The point-to-point guide from Smashwords is extremely useful, especially for new-commers to the ebook world. The ability to format my work as per ebook specifications, thats success for me. Designing a cover page as per specifications, thats success for me. Uploading my content and cover page in one shot, thats success for me. Not receiving any auto-vetter messages, thats success for me. My ebook appearing on the home page of Smashwords, thats real success for me.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The ability to put into words what I truely feel about an issue. Because when I write, it is as if I am talking to a person sitting right in front of me. And it is this mental state, which tends to bring out actual feelings and emotions that are articulated into words.
Published 2014-01-13.
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