Interview with M.L. Sawyer

What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
I like doing FB ads as I can reach a really wide, international audience. I'm also able to see the stats on who clicked the links and liked my page. That helps me to streamline future marketing and assure that I've reached real people and not bots.
Describe your desk
It's a beat up, pale blue, shabby chic wood desk. One drawer that barely works. Simple and rustic. A small cup of pens and my laptop.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in northern New Jersey right outside of New York City. Growing up, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different kinds of people, and have truly eclectic friends.
When did you first start writing?
I've been writing every since I was very young. I entered poetry and short story competitions all through school. I was also an avid reader at an early age. I remember reading "The Hobbit' for my 1st grade book report.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is a compilation of three international novellas. Each story takes place in a different country, and in a different time, and features strong, smart women. The first takes place in ancient Egypt, the second in Italy, and the third in India. I cover a lot of different romance themes in this book. There is mystery, interracial, historical and humor all mixed into one concise book. Each novella can be read in a day for people who have short attention spans, or limited time.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I think I just wanted total control over my projects. While I did enlist the help of professional editors, I liked that I could have a final say in the artwork and the marketing of my own work.
Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite authors are (to name a few), Marya Hornbacher, Jewell Parker Rhodes, and Anne Rice. I love the drama and heavy plot lines of their books, as well as the personal experiences they incorporate into them.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Coffee and nicotine.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I'm addicted to documentaries. I have seen sooooo many! I love real stories about real people around the world.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Usually through friends' recommendations. I will also peruse the library for books that grab my attention as well.
How do you approach cover design?
I love designs that have a lot going on. Lots of things to looks at. That may not be popular, but I love a book cover that makes me wonder what's inside. Being a romance author, I try to steer clear of the Fabio, bodice ripping covers as I think they can get pretty cliche'.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
The Center of Winter
Brain on Fire
Voodoo Dreams
Ninth ward
White Oleander

All of these stories are heavy and dark, but have an underlying sense of hope with some humor even mixed in.
Published 2017-09-30.
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