Interview with Martin Mosfeldt

Why do you write?
I write fiction to entertain. According to my editor, Victoria, my tone and style is humorous, and my dialogues are snappy. Let me use this opportunity to thank you, Victoria, for putting your English degree to use in refining my writing, and for advocating the preferences of women.
What kind of stories do you tell?
When a real world public company goes bust, there is a story behind the facade, which beats anything one could dream up, both with regard to the nobility of the sentiments that motivated the actors, and the insidiousness of the scheming that brought them down. One has to see it to believe how thick it gets; one couldn't possibly imagine. Those are the stories I tell, anonymized of course, but real enough, and their authenticity make my complex characters credible. So, dear reader, if you identify with a heroic business magnate, you may, later in my book, find him or her to be a coward. If you identify with a charming executive, he or she may be a bully. And can a traitor be a hero?
From where do you get your inspiration?
I find inspiration in business life. My characters share personality traits with real people, and my plots revolve around real dilemmas. "Boring," you think? In my experience, reality exceeds imagination. The complexities of real people surpass fiction's heroes and villains, and the ambiguities of real relationships reach deeper than drama's love and hate. My characters, too, fall in love, murder, tell lies, and take chances, but they do so on planet earth, here, now, across countries that today, like never before, connect globally.
What are you really, an author or a businessman?
The answer I would like to give is: "I'm both," although it doesn't always come across as simple as that. Let me explain. In my younger days, I've written lots of non-fiction, most of it unpublished consultant's reports about how to manage companies and the problems they have. I've always considered story telling a superior way to make a point, but it wasn't until I saw my non-fiction "Bookkeeping Using Excel" title making sales all across the world, that it dawned on me, that I should publish a work of general fiction, too. If you choose my book, dear reader, I would love to hear from you - I'm easy to find on social media.
Published 2013-10-27.
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