Interview with Steve Colbourne

What gave you the idea for the book?
The idea for my novel Wife Overboard came to me a couple of years ago when I went on a cruise with my wife. Firstly, I must say that both my wife and I are alive and well. Nevertheless, it got me thinking. When we got home I begun to look into the cruise industry, and was startled by my research. There was certainly a side to cruising we had not been shown, and one that is not highlighted in the glossy cruise brochures.
What did your initial research reveal?
At first I questioned how many people a year actually go missing from cruise ships and ferries, and how many accidents and sudden deaths there were, and how quite often they did not seem to be properly investigated. If that was the case why did we not know about it? I also asked myself how the cruise lines could keep it quiet. It is the biggest growing holiday sector and getting bigger every year. I certainly realised that I was uncovering facts that probably most cruisers do not think about.

I certainly knew I had a good story. I knew I had my ending albeit I wanted to have one with a twist. The more I looked up the more I discovered a darker side to the cruise industry.
So is the story based on fact?
Of course, mine is just a fictional story, with a fictional couple. But I bet readers find themselves going on Google as they read my book and try to work out if there is any truth in it. You will be surprised is all I will say. In fact, you may not look at the cruise industry in the same light again.
Has it put you off cruising?
Certainly not. I have been on three cruises already this year. I love cruising and still consider it is the best type of vacation. I can see why it just keeps growing and growing.
So is there anything to worry about when you go on a cruise?
No. Not really. However, I think it wise to remember that these boats are like floating cities and with that many people on board passengers should take precautions like they do in everyday life.
So if a spouse suggests going on a cruise what should they do?
Read this book first. Ha. Ha. Then again they could always read it on their balcony as they look down at the cool soothing water hundreds of feet below.
Published 2015-04-26.
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