Interview with M. Rutledge McCall

Has any of your writing received any reviews or endorsements?
" riveting as it is raw..." - Publishers Weekly

"Like Hunter S. Thompson, McCall immerses himself totally in the milieu...brilliantly portrays a life and place most Americans can only imagine. More than just an observer, McCall's on-the-scene perspective is stunning... From beginning to end, a riveting account." - Brett Peruzzi, Ebooks Reviews

"Powerful...engrossing...meaningful and relevant. McCall's poetic prose has a 'Fight Club' quality... with suspenseful vignettes building toward anarchy... Unique and illuminating. Think 'Donny Brasco'-meets-'Fight Club'-meets-'Traffic'." - Don Morgan, Phoenix Pictures; "6TH MAN"; "A THIN RED LINE"

"McCall...truly an amazing writer." - Susan Solomon, Industry Entertainment; "CSI: Crime Scene Investigators"/CBS

"Rich and detailed...visual and in your face. I really love this book." - Billy Finkelstein, Emmy Award Winning Writer; "Law & Order"; "Brooklyn South"; "NYPD Blue"; "L.A. Law"; "Murder One"

"An amazing story. Good book." - F. Gary Gray, Director; "THE NEGOTIATOR"; "THE ITALIAN JOB"; "STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON"; "LAW ABIDING CITIZEN"

"Poignant...a powerfully important work with implications for every major city the world over." - Carol Wightman, Senior Producer; BBC Scotland

"This book is kick a*s--I loved it." - Peter Iliff, Writer; "PATRIOT GAMES"; "POINT BREAK"

"An immense and breathtaking research...McCall is a legend." - Neheda Barakat, Executive Producer, ABC-TV Australia

"McCall's experience, his writing, the whole thing--excellent, amazing." - Stacy Peralta, Director; "RIDING GIANTS"; "DOG TOWN AND Z BOYS"

"Wow, what a ride—one we can all learn from...a gruesome reality..." - Julia Rogers, Reporter; KABC News, Los Angeles

"Gritty...a true triumph... McCall pries up the corner beneath the polite media us a good look at the dark subconscious of our society." - George Geiger, Writer-Producer; "Profiler"; "Miami Vice"; "Hunter"

"...a great book...powerful." - Frank Yablans, Writer-Studio Chief; "NORTH DALLAS 40"; "MOMMY DEAREST"

"This is a great story. It'll make a great movie." - David Sacks (Co-Founder of PayPal); Producer, Room 9 Ent.; "THANK YOU FOR SMOKING"

"An astounding book...I really loved it." - Marla Ginsburg, Producer, Vertikal Ent.; "La Femme Nikita"; "Highlander"

"A movie-ready letter... Accessible for all readers...a natural for the big screen." - Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"Awesome...simply incredible. McCall is one of the best writers in America today. Definitely Pulitzer material." - Cindy Bond, President, Providence Ent.; "OMEGA CODE"; "EXTREME DAYS"

"Riveting...disturbing...thought provoking...a monumental achievement. A must-read... rousing, inspirational, exciting won't be able to put down or forget." - Charles Holland, J.D., Writer-Producer; "J.A.G."; "Murder One"; "Soul Food"; "Profiler"

"So intense that there were times I had to walk away from it...most realistic..." - Scribesworld Reviews

"...gripping and dark...subtle and engaging..." - Andrea McCall, V.P.; DreamWorks SKG

"...[McCall's] story is the 'APOCALYPSE NOW' of the American inner city ghetto." - Jonathan Krauss, Illusion Entertainment; "JFK"

"...reminds us that our capacity to do good as individuals is matched only by our ability to do evil as a group...McCall is masterful!" - Orlando Jones; "TIME MACHINE"; "DOUBLE TAKE"; "THE REPLACEMENTS"; "MAGNOLIA"

"This is great stuff...McCall can [flat-out] write." - Steve Feke, Writer/Producer; "Profiler"; "Beastmaster"; "Sins of the City"

"McCall's writing is sick. He's a nice guy, too." - Stephen Belafonte, Producer; "BAD LIEUTENANT: Port of Call New Orleans"; "MUTANT CHRONICLES"; "NEVER DIE ALONE"

"Highly recommended...a masterful piece of work by ANY this book, and mark its lessons well." - Karen Bernardo;

" incredible insight into understanding what it means to be human. McCall is a sharp writer capable of mind blowing ideas that are accessible to the public at large." - Jackson Raine; "Beastmaster"/Tribune TV Network

"An incredible account. Well done!" - Tom Morton, "The Tom Morton Show"; BBC U.K.

"...the most intense book for revealing the extreme..." - Dr. Eric Goldfeder, Ph.D;

"....a tragic tale, primal...compelling, which McCall brings to us with raw, intoxicating energy. A fearless hegira into a place and consciousness so foreign it's difficult to believe it exists in America. A book for the brave." - Dr. Alexander Martin, Ph.D.; Psychotherapist

"McCall has an unusual ability... His perspective, insight and experience are priceless... I look forward to many more years of our friendship and partnership..." - Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, Ph.D., President, King's University, Los Angeles
Published 2017-03-28.
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