Interview with Angela D'Onofrio

What made you want to write?
The first writing memory I have is of sitting on the hardwood floor of a spare room in my mother's workplace when I was just old enough to write, scribbling out a story on a piece of work stationery. Its contents are lost to time, but probably better off that way. I spent a very long time wanting to be an animator, because I was so entranced by the stories of Disney and Don Bluth... but writing was always a constant companion. I filled sketchbooks with characters, but that wasn't enough: they always had to have a story which explained who they were. It wasn't until high school that I realized, with the help of a dear friend, that writing was what had truly nestled itself into my heart and refused to let go. I've been crafting Aviario, its reality, and its inhabitants ever since.
What made you choose to self-publish?
Simply put: After college, I spent a very long time thinking that only a lucky few got published, and that my dreams might not be realistic. I'm not so much as enamored with seeing my name on any best-seller list (though that would be nice) as letting my stories out into the world so that people can enjoy them.
What's the story behind your latest book?
From the Desk of Buster Heywood has had a long journey. Buster himself started out as a pastiche of several things, inspired by one of my favorite character actors: James Urbaniak. He was just a character floating at the back of my mind with no real purpose or place, until I began to wonder how he would fit into the town of Aviario. Around the same time, I worked for a company which was shut down overnight due to a hidden scandal. Two and two added themselves together, and Buster became my way to cope with my life having been turned upside down. Though I already had most of In The Cards written, I decided to make Buster's story the first in the timeline, as it has very little in the way of supernatural elements, and would serve as a good way to familiarize readers with the town of Aviario before throwing them into the deep end of its magical pool.
What are you working on next?
My 2nd novel, In the Cards, sets the groundwork for the rest of the series. Magic and its workings are introduced, as well as a group of characters who will become regular players in the events to follow. I won't say too much more about it yet, but there's a mysterious string of missing people, an ancient family curse, and a lot of secrets: plenty to come back for!
Who are your favorite authors?
My tastes in reading are wide, but my favorite authors are Lynn Flewelling, Brent Weeks, Stephen King, and Daniel Handler (alias Lemony Snicket).
Published 2015-06-28.
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