Interview with Nadja Rochelle

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in multiple states: California, Hawaii Maryland, Florida, and Washington. But I believe that living in Elkridge, MD (a small suburb outside of Baltimore, the city still obsessed with Poe) influenced my writing the most. My parents decided to purchase one of the oldest houses in the area, and it was constantly creaking with age. The hallways were even tiny enough to root a slight claustrophobia in me. Around the house were patches of wooded areas that my friends and I liked to explore, and I was constantly telling stories of giant man-eating snakes and sirens that lived in the sewers. I was once even scolded by a neighboring mother for scaring her child so badly that she refused to sleep. I must be pretty convincing, right?
What's the story behind your latest book?
AEGIS contains themes that challenges the idea of shinigami, the Japanese lore for death gods. I completely eliminated any existing religious themes however, and created one unique to the region Shintori.

This theme isn't new to me however, as I was working collaboratively with someone during high school. They wrote their own story line almost isolated from mine, but in the same work due to the "roleplay" nature, for lack of a better term. The relationship went sour, however, and the writing was halted. I sorely missed the story, because I felt it was the best thing I had ever created at that point. So now that I am an adult with experience and age, I felt I must revive my half of the story as I wished it to be.
Published 2015-03-31.
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