Interview with Nancy Pellicer Dyer

Why did you first start writing?
I grew up with my fathers stories about our hero ancestor and in his retirement years dad did a scrapbook of his memories. Unfortunately the book was lost to the family not long after his death. I never got to read his scrapbook and felt a great sense of lose. I wondered how much of stories I had hear was true and how much was fiction. In an effort to find the truth and recover those lost tales I turned to the internet and reading history books. As my research progressed my file of notes grew but I had no one to share it with. People were just not interested in talking about history or reading dry facts. I soon realized that the best way to reach these people was to tell a good story, using the recorded facts. So I began at the beginning and put a story around the information I had collected, the way my imagination saw it all unfolding. It took four years of research and writing to bring the story of Don Francisco Pellicer to life and was worth ever minute of my time.
What are you working on next?
My next novel (working title - The Minorcan Quarter) is in the final stages of writing. It is the sequel to The Minorcan Yoke. It picks up where the first book ends. The Minorcans struggles to survive did not end with there escape; they had many more years of hardship and adventure. British St. Augustine was at war with the thirteen colonies and the governor neglected to fulfill his promises to these wretched refugees.
What is your writing process?
I am a daydreamer by nature. I can be very content to sit for hours and entertain myself with thought. When I latch on to an interesting fact I can play with it for weeks as I mull it over and design a story around it. Once the story is set to my liking I sit down and write. I work for eight or more hours straight until the section is done to my liking. I can be rather cranky if interrupted while in the writing phase, because it is the most difficult for me. I am a hunt and peck typist and English in school was not a subject of interest to me so I have my flaws and struggle with punctuation. Thank goodness for my editors.
How did you approach cover design?
I have had a lot of complements on my cover. The photo by James Steidl was a wonderful find. I had visited the bookstores and scanned the new release sections where the book covers a all laid out to see. I looked for color and styles that caught my eye. Simple and blues worked for me. I toyed with different ideas for images like coastline of Florida, wilderness or jungle scenes and as I searched the internet for ideas I found the photo James did and fell in love with it. It was a period correct English frigate and it spoke of mystery and fear of the unknown. I told my publisher that I wanted something like that photo for my cover. She took it from there and made it happen. I could not have been happier.
Describe your desk
My office is over the garage where I work most of the day undisturbed. Next to the window is an old cast iron and wood commercial drafting table. I got the table when I lived in Italy. It was used by an artist I knew. It has followed me around the world including a trip across America on the top of a Dodge van. It is the one piece of furniture I own that I refuse to part with.
Published 2013-08-22.
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Beginning during the American Revolution, The Minorcan Quarter spans a turbulent period in history. Don Francisco Pellicer and his fellow immigrants struggle through hardships to build new lives in St. Augustine after escaping years of slave-like conditions in New Smyrna. Follow the destitute band as they scratch out an American existence in the wake of countless lives lost and endless hardships.
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